Increase Agent Productivity

16 Apr: 3 Easy Ways to Increase Agent Productivity by Using Call Center Solution

Call center businesses need to have a strategy to gain a competitive edge. One of the metrics call center leaders focuses more to achieve set business milestones and competitive edge is the productivity of the agents. The call center leaders always focus on calculating productivity of the agents as well as they look for the possible solutions which can be implemented to increase the same. One of the tools which can be used by the call center leaders is the call center solution. In this article, I will share how you can use the call center software to increase the productivity of agents in your call center.

09 Apr: How to Use Abandoned Rate to Improve Customer Satisfaction?

Each business or call center always seeks for the same thing and that is the highest possible customer satisfaction ratio. The call center solution provides many interesting metrics to achieve this goal, but the thing is one need to know how to use these metrics offered by the call center software. Today, in this article, we will talk about as such important metric, namely, Abandoned Rate and how you can…

Necessity of Live Call Monitoring in Call Center Solution

31 Mar: Necessity of Advanced Live Call Monitoring in Call Center Solution

Call center industry is an evergreen industry without a doubt, but at the same time, the competition level is fierce. There are so many call centers in the world and each call center compete against hundreds of other call centers because of the increasing trend of global outsourcing. Thus to survive in the industry and making sure to increase the returns over investment, the call centers need to take many…

Live Call Monitoring Solution Increase Sales

25 Mar: How Live Call Monitoring Solution Increases Sales for Business?

Regardless of the type, industry or size of the business, what we all need is increased number of new sales because the new sales increase the opportunities and revenues. On the hand, none of us being in a business wants to lose repeat business from the existing customers because the repeat business helps in securing the stability of the business and its state. In a nutshell, each business owner wants…

Latest Must Know Trends in VoIP and SIP Dialer Segment

12 Mar: Latest Must Know Trends in VoIP and SIP Dialer Segment

Keeping the definition in this article for something simple and of practical concern, VoIP can be defined as the method of transmitting voice packets over the internet protocol network. It not only transmits voice over an internet connection, but all other multimedia, too. You just need to have a stable internet connection. The in-process includes the encapsulation of voice packets at both ends of the receiver and the transmitter or…

MEGA - Ahmedabad Gandhinagar Metro Rail App

04 Mar: iNextrix MEGA – Ahmedabad Gandhinagar Metro App for Rejoicing Metro Rail Experience

iNextrix has always taken pride in contributing to the growth and development of the country with its innovative and on-time solutions. Today, we are glad to share about our app which is specifically developed in the goodwill of Ahmedabadis / Amdavadis. The app is called MEGA app and it is already in the leading play stores with more than 1000 downloads. This app is an informative app for the Ahmedabad…

iNextrix Director Is On Business Trip in Istanbul-v1

18 Feb: iNextrix Director Is On Business Trip in Istanbul

We had announced earlier that our director and owner, Mr. Arpit Modi, is going to visit Istanbul for a business trip. We are glad to share the next update on that news. Our director is now in Istanbul, Turkey on his business trip. He has reached there on 16th Feb, 2019. He has started with a short meeting and some sightseeing in Istanbul, Turkey. As per the predefined agenda, he…