04 Mar: Securing a2billing admin data from customers and agent

In A2billing version below 1.9.4 having security issue in export. In that versions we are able to export “cc_ui_authen” table information using agent login. For example: http://localhost/a2billing/agent/Public/export_csv.php?var_export=menu_section&var_export_type=type_xml&section=SELECT * FROM `cc_ui_authen` This will export all information of admin login. So it’s one of major security issue. To prevent this issue we need modification in following files: common/lib/admin.defines.php common/lib/agent.defines.php common/lib/customer.defines.php In all of above files we just need to change following line:…

23 Feb: Steps to secure Android device

Nowadays people are using many smart phone and doing many things online. We do online, from learning to working, connecting to shopping, online security is a demanding piece of our everyday life. That’s why Android provide many safer and defensive lines to make the internet safer for their billions users. Though with these layers of prevention, it still require bit of precaution to be super safe. Step 1: Must use…


16 Nov: The Benefits of VoIP Application Use

Voice over science, or VoIP, is AN rising technology that enables you to use your broadband net affiliation to position and receive voice or video-phone calls. Internet-based calls area unit less costly than ancient calls (sometimes they’re even free), and plenty of VoIP-based communication services area unit compatible with the old school world phone network, thus you’ll use these new VoIP tools to position calls to and receive them from…


09 Nov: Inextrix Announces Termination Partnership with IPComms and Integration with ASTPP

Ahmedabad, INDIA – October 8, 2015 – Inextrix Technologies Pvt. ltd., a Next generation IT based company, and project leader and maintainer of ASTPP, an Open Source VoIP Billing application for Freeswitch® & IP Communications, LLC. (IPComms), a leading global IP based service provider of SIP based local, toll free & long distance services, today announced a technology partnership and integration agreement. The partnership provides users of ASTPP with access to IPComms…


05 Nov: Why Voip is so cheap?

In the earlier days of the web communication was restricted to writing text on a screen. Then with the appearance of Instant electronic messaging and chat rooms, communication became additional period, although still solely text was the most venue used. currently the web has become thus advanced that folks will really use their voices to speak with individuals on-line. This technology is thought as VoIP, (which stands for Voice Over…

25 Sep: ASTPP Installation Guide

ASTPP Installation requires basic knowledge of Freeswitch and Linux. There are two ways to do installation. Quick Installation Manual Installation