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About product

Asterisk live call Monitor is a “MUST HAVE” utility product for everyone who are running their businesses on Asterisk VoIP switch. This tool comes with a really attractive and dynamic UI to monitor Live calls, Conferences and SIP registrations of any Asterisk system. Moreover, from the same tool we can view System information, which makes life easier. Our mobile compatible dashboard will show all the statistics real-time on the go. Please see our detailed key feature list below:

Latest version release: 2.1

What’s new in this version?

  • Fixed bugs from previous release
  • Performance improvement
  • Now monitor Live calls of your Asterisk box in any language.

Now monitor Live calls of your Asterisk box in any language. We are supporting all major languages as mentioned below:

Key Features

  • Easy to setup & use
  • User friendly graphical interface
  • Quick overview of system from dashboard
  • Live call monitor with search option
  • Ability to display Live conferences and manage
  • Can monitor answered, ringing and total calls
  • Ability to hangup all calls in single click
  • Reload and Restart Asterisk service in a click
  • Hangup or listen live calls from list
  • Display SIP registrations
  • Ability to execute Asterisk CLI commands
  • Multi-language Support
  • Real-time live call graph display
  • Smooth in design and best in perfomance
  • Full control on Asterisk calls and services
  • Supporting all latest Asterisk versions*
  • Asterisk status monitoring
  • Secure, reliable & fast
  • Configurable manager settings
  • Compatible with all popular browsers
  • System information monitoring
  • Mobile browser compatible
  • Compatible on all major Linux distributions

*Tested on asterisk version, 11.21.2, 12.8.2, 13.8.0, 14.7.2, 15.0.0

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