Know more about Call Accounting System
Call Accounting System
A Call Accounting System (CAS) is telecommunications software that processes call records and calculate telephone usage costs.
Know more about VoIP Billing Solutions
VoIP Billing Solutions
VoIP billing and management solutions are the wisest choices for several providers looking for reliability and career grade performance by providing various services.
Know more about VoIP PBXs
PBX is referring to Private Branch eXchange in terms of Telephony. In today’s era, PBX is an essential need of any corporate identity
Know more about Call Center Solutions
Call Center Solutions
Its very tedious job for any organization to maintain leads and calling manually. iNextrix is having ready to go VoIP based call center solutions to automate the process and maintain records for both inbound and outbound calling.
Know more about IVR Solutions
IVR Solutions
Interactive Voice Response has been always popular and widely used in all business sectors and organizations to enrich their call handling process in a very professional way.
Know more about HA Cluster Solutions
HA Cluster Solutions
An ever increasing numbers of businesses literally depend upon having a high availability cluster of web servers to provide uninterrupted presence of one kind or another, online around the clock.
Know more about SBC Solutions
SBC Solutions
A SBC is a device regularly deployed in VoIP networks to exert control over the signaling and usually also the media streams involved in setting up, conducting, and tearing down telephone calls or other interactive media communications.
Know more about Security Solutions
Security Solutions
Security has been always a main concern for all businesses and that risk gets doubled when technology comes into picture.
Know more about Broadcasting Solutions
Broadcasting Solutions
Broadcasting solutions have been in demand since long due to its flexibility to fit into any industry such as Banking, Advertisement, Travel, Political, Announcements etc.
Know more about DID Numbering Solutions
DID Numbering Solutions
Our DID Numbering system is a complete solution for wholesale DID providers who buys DID ranges from multiple providers and sells them and route them accordingly.
Know more about Multi Tenant Call Center Solutions
Multi Tenant Call Center Solutions
Multi-tenancy is an architecture in which one instance of a package application serves multiple customers. Every client or company created under this architecture is termed as a tenant.