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Become Our Official Partner or Affiliate

Become Our Official Partner or Affiliate

We, Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd, are one of the leading IT companies across the globe. For more than a decade, we have been catering to all sorts of IT needs of our worldwide customers. We have some trending services and intelligent products to offer. To meet the increasing demands of our offerings, we have created a whole network of resellers. We are now adding more partners and affiliates to help us meet the ever increasing need of our offered services and products.
We offer the services and products mentioned on our website, but we are focusing more on our popular products.

Our major and most popular product is “iCallify”, which is why we are also seeking to create a stronger network of partners and affiliates across the globe for iCallify.

What is iCallify?

It is a proprietary intelligent call center software solution. It has intelligent features, which make it stand out among other call center solutions. It is built using predictive technology of artificial intelligence and other cutting edge technologies.

Click to know more about iCallify: Intelligent Call Center Software.

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Why you must become our partner or affiliate?

There are many reasons to become a partner or affiliate of our company to sell the intelligent call center software or other offerings of our company. We are going to share the major benefits of becoming a partner or affiliate to sell iCallify.

Sell what is in demand

Believe it or not, but the intelligent call center software is very much in demand. In fact, call center solutions are in demand, and intelligent call center software is one of the most popular solutions because it has the most advanced features. It gives a competitive edge to its users. As there is already a surge in the demand of this software, you will get abundant sales and revenue generation opportunities to convert.

Attractive incentives and commissions

We offer attractive commissions and incentives to our affiliates and partners on each product they sell. If you sell more, you can earn more with our exclusive commission programs. This offer is available with our all trending services and products.

Add IT solutions in your offerings without any capital investment

If you are already not offering IT services like web, mobile app, or AR app development or innovative products like intelligent call center software, call accounting system, live monitoring solution, PC dialer, mobile SIP dialer, etc., then you can start selling all or your preferred products and services. You don’t need to invest anything to become our partner or affiliate.

No targets to achieve

You are your own boss, so you decide and achieve your set targets. You do not need to worry about strict targets to be achieved to stay our partner or affiliate. Of course, proactive actions would help us pass more opportunities and better commission towards you.

Get revenue generation opportunities from our side*

We pass leads to our partners, affiliates, and resellers to convert and get the same commission as available for finding and converting the leads.

Regular and obligation-free payment

You do not need to sell certain pieces of software to get paid. We pay regularly as per the disclosed payment cycle at the time of agreement and contract. Even if you made a single sale, you will get paid on time for the same.

Complete support

Do not worry about the lack of knowledge related to our offerings. We offer complete support from regular product training to dedicated support, partner training, marketing and sales tips and help, and much more.

Lets discuss in detail how you can start a fresh revenue generation channel by becoming our partner or affiliate.

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