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Is VICIDial Really Free
Is VICIDial Really Free? What Are the Hidden Costs to Use VICIDial?

  Retaining customers and generating more sales are the two most vital jobs of any business. But, it is getting harder and harder each passing day due to a compressed budget, tighter legislation, lack of skilled staff and attrition, and several other factors. This requires faster actions and advanced tools to keep the wheel of business circulating. A contact center solution can be a great tool here to speed up sales and customer care campaigns. There are several options for this software available, but of course, what is more alluring for business owners is using a free call center solution

WebRTC Is a Real Pal of Service Providers
WebRTC Is a Real Pal of Service Providers

  VoIP has been one of the most prominent inventions in the communication industry. This industry relies on multiple VoIP development technologies, frameworks, tools, and more. WebRTC was added to this family in 2011. It is the newest member of this family, but it really took the world by storm with its awesome characteristics and facets. A WebRTC development company happily recommends WebRTC solutions because of the amazing features and benefits associated with them.  Video chat or conference has been challenging for VoIP developers, but WebRTC has made it quite straightforward. It does not require any third party servers. All