15 Nov: ACD (Advanced Call Distribution) in Call Center Software

In today’s world, where providing efficient customer service is the topmost priority for businesses, handling large volumes of incoming calls each day can be quite challenging for any business. This is because, with only a basic telephony system in place, agents are unable to handle the heavy inbound call traffic. Here is where the advanced call distribution (ACD) feature in an intelligent call center software serves as a blessing in…

Augmented Reality Adding a Wow effect for Sports Fans

12 Nov: Augmented Reality: Adding a Wow effect for Sports Fans

Augmented reality (AR) has the power to intensify the real sports world. The combination of AR technology with sports is a unique blend that is helping to transform the user experience in sports. AR has made a great impact on the sports industry already. During the live telecast of a cricket match, you may have seen the virtual lines or curves of different colors shown on television for tracking the…

Pros of Using the Mobile SIP Dialer

08 Nov: Pros of Using the Mobile SIP Dialer

VoIP technology is commonly used in all walks of life in today’s world. Even if you are unaware of what a mobile SIP dialer is or how it functions, there are chances that you have already used it somewhere or the other in your life. The mobile SIP dialer has become a revolution in the field of telecommunication globally. What is the mobile SIP dialer? The mobile SIP dialer is…

Advantages of Call Center Software for Small Businesses

05 Nov: What are the Advantages of Intelligent Call Center Software for Small Businesses?

Small businesses often require an intelligent call center software that is cost-effective. This type of solution helps small businesses in improving customer support services as well as accelerates their telemarketing campaigns. Flexible dial speed, dialing multiple lines, sticky agent, call priorities and call monitoring are some benefits of the intelligent call center software. The key benefits of this type of call center software are briefed below: Enhance Customer Service Management…

iCallify Version 1.2 Launched

31 Oct: iCallify Version 1.2 Released Today

Since launch, iCallify has been in the news; sometimes for its amazing range of features and sometimes for increasing demand for it. This intelligent call center solution has come again to hit the headlines because today is the launch of iCallify Version 1.2. To refresh your memory, iCallify was launched in May 2019, In July 2019, the first version of this intelligent call center software was released which had some…

Tips for Providing Effective Feedback to Call Center Agents

29 Oct: Tips for Providing Effective Feedback to Call Center Agents

It is entirely necessary to provide feedback to call center agents to maintain and improve quality facilities. Proper encouragement or criticism can dramatically change agent performance for both field staff and remote agents. But knowing how to provide feedback can be tricky. Unfortunately, there are a lot of pitfalls that can hinder the process of providing effective feedback. In this article, you will find a proper solution to this issue….

Top Challenges in AR App Development

25 Oct: What are the Challenges in Augmented Reality App Development?

The augmented reality app market is growing at a rapid pace. There’s a reason why AR mobile apps are so popular. Create immersive custom experiences based on your environment. There is a hybrid world that takes people beyond the everyday aspects of everyday life. Here in this article, you will get to know about the challenges of augmented reality. Hardware Problems All AR headsets available today can be too expensive…

Top Terminologies of Outbound Call Center

22 Oct: Learn Top Terminologies Related to Call Center Software in Outbound Call Center

An outbound call center is the one where call center agents make calls to prospective customers for selling a product or service. In addition to sales, the calls may also be for renewal and payment reminders, debt collection, surveys, market research, informing about the delay in delivery, booking, and confirmation of appointments. Let us take a look at a few terminologies associated with an outbound call center: Agent (Executive) An…

Top Challenges in Running a Call Center

18 Oct: Top 3 Challenges in Running a Call Center

Running a call center is not an easy job. There are many aspects that one needs to give attention to. Furthermore, every passing day, new challenges keep adding up into the stress level of agents, staff, and the owner himself. Being one of the major call center software sellers, we have worked with many call centers and companies that use our intelligent call center software. Based on our experience, we…

Benefits of Mobile Dialer Customization in Business

15 Oct: What are the Benefits of Mobile Dialer Customization in Business?

Mobile SIP Dialer is one of the best mobile VoIP softphone solutions that have become a buzz in the VoIP industry. In a VoIP business, owning a business under your own brand name is very important. This is where you can witness a successful business growth in the VoIP business. VoIP phones come in two types, namely, hardware and software. The first is traditional one comes as a wired and…