14 Oct: iNextrix is Exhibiting at GITEX 2018 Today

We are really glad to announce that our representatives, including directors of the company, are all set to rock the GITEX Technology Week 2018. Our booth is ready and our executives are all set to greet the delegates and benefit them with the information of various technologies and enterprise grade solutions.

10 Oct: iNextrix Will Exhibit Conferencing Solution at GITEX

We are really glad to share that we will be exhibiting our conferencing solution as one of the top products during GITEX Technology Week 2018. Our representatives will be available during GITEX Technology week in Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai in Hall 01, Booth B1 – 20.


10 Oct: Why Your Business Needs Conferencing Solution?

On a daily basis, the company needs to provide the best tool for internal team communication as well as the external communication with the customers, prospects, vendors, etc. The trend of getting the VoIP solution is increasing as it gives a lot of benefits compared to the traditional telecommunication mechanism. There are many systems that you can implement in your business to empower the communication and one of them is the Conferencing Solution. It is a must have system for any business for various reasons. Let me share the top 3 reasons that prove you must have the conferencing solution in your organization.

08 Oct: iNextrix Will Exhibit Call Center Solution and Service at GITEX 2018

We are really excited to greet you and other attendees at GITEX during 14 – 18 Oct, 2018. We thrive to suggest the best solutions and services to our stand visitors who meet us during the GITEX Technology Week 2018. We are glad to announce that the call center solution is our one of the products to be exhibited as the top products during this technology trade show.


08 Oct: Start Your Own Call Center or Create a New Revenue Generation Channel

Once upon a time, the call center solution was used by only BPOs and KPOs. However, the time is changed and so does the usage of the call center solution. The growing companies and serial entrepreneurs use the call center software to increase the revenues of their one or more business and you, too, can do the same. Wondering how? Let me explain.
Start your own call center / customer care center
Regardless of the type of the business, two operations are performed by all companies and organizations.
1. Lead generation and
2. Customer care


02 Oct: iNextrix will Exhibit Live Call Monitoring Solution during GITEX Technology Week 2018

As we announced previously, we are one of the exhibitors in upcoming GITEX Technology Week 2018. Our representatives will attend the GITEX visitors at Booth No: B1 – 20 Hall No: 01 Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai during 14 to 18 October, 2018. We are excited to announce more details about our appearance at the GITEX. One of the top solutions we are planning to showcase at GITEX is the…


02 Oct: Live Call Monitoring: Everything You Need to Know

Communication is an indispensable element of any business, but do you think mere communication is enough? No, not at all! The business communication must be Professional and Polite. Is everyone in your organization is making use of polite and professional conversation? You may say, yes, but can you say that confidently? A majority of business owners can’t guarantee that their employees are communicating with the best etiquette with their customers…


26 Sep: iNextrix Will Exhibit Call Accounting System at GITEX 2018

We are excited about the upcoming GITEX Technology Week 2018 as we are one of the exhibitors this time! As we shared earlier, we will be exhibiting Top 6 Products as well as certain other solutions and services during this expo. One of the top 6 products we will exhibit is the Call Accounting System. The call accounting system, which is also known as, Call logging solution is a powerful…


26 Sep: Call Accounting System: Compendious Guide

Call Accounting System (CAS) has been in the industry for long and has been benefiting businesses by assuring fair usage of the telecommunication infrastructure and many other benefits. Any small to large scaled business can leverage various benefits by using the call accounting system. This system is also popular as the Call logging system. What is call accounting system? It records all call details from diversified sources and assigns cost…


19 Sep: iNextrix Will Exhibit Additional Solutions and Services

We are delighted to share that along with our announced top 6 products to be exhibited at GITEX, we will benefit our booth visitors with some more useful solutions and services. GITEX is one of the biggest trade shows and the visitors coming to the expo expects the solutions that resolve their problem and give them required tools to grow. We have identified the top 6 solutions that can benefit…