On premises or Cloud Call Center Solution: Which Is Better?

Call center solutions with futuristic features are available in the market. The selection of call center software has been made easy with the abundant information available online. If you are still wondering, how to make sure that you have selected

Manual to Use WhatsApp as a Customer Service Channel In Call Center

Manual to Use WhatsApp as a Customer Service Channel In Call Center Download Ebook NOW! WhatsApp is an extremely popular platform for communication among end-users.

Successful Completion of Intelligent Call Center Software Technical Webinar

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of our second webinar, which was conducted last Thursday, 25th of March, 2021. The webinar was conducted on the topic of “Intelligent Call Center Software: An Inside Look”. If you have missed

Best Practices to Assure Call Center Quality

In a call center, there are many things, which need to be administered like overall productivity, customer satisfaction, resource allocation and utilization, and more.  Call center quality assurance is a holistic term, which means monitoring and improving metrics related to

An Ultimate Guide To Enhance Customer Service

An Ultimate Guide To Enhance Customer Service Download Ebook NOW! Customer services need state of art and if you do not have it or want to enhance it, you are

Which Call Center Dialer You Should Choose?

The call center solutions offer advanced features. The intelligent call center software is the most advanced call center solution available in the market. Each call center solution, whether it is a traditional or intelligent one, possesses some features, which are


8COM is a one-stop communication solution provider company in Canada. The company offers turnkey communication solutions and services that include, home and business internet services, wireless services, landline phone services, telecom expense management, IPTV services, security alarm services, etc. The

Sadbhav Engineering Limited

Sadbhav improved productivity and efficiency with our custom web solution!Sadbhav Engineering Limited (SEL) is a leading infrastructure company in India. It has been in operation since 1988. It is involved in major projects such as 2200 Kilometers long national and

How to Reduce Call Hold Time in Call Centers?

The call hold time is when the customer is communicating with an agent about his or her issue and the agent puts the customer on hold to find the response. According to a study result shared by The Small Business

Buyer’s Guide to Buy the Right Call Center Software

Buyer’s Guide to Buy the Right Call Center Software 2021 Download Ebook NOW! Call center software is now a unified tool, which is needed and used