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VoIP Staff Augmentation
VoIP Staff Augmentation Reducing Time to Market for Startups

The VoIP industry is booming with an overall CAGR of 14.40% and the total market value of VoIP services is worth 115.212.20 million US dollars. By 2023, the whole market value will be worth 129,268.10 million US dollars (Source). These numbers and growth rate have attracted several startups to conceive and launch the best VoIP product. One common trend for these startup companies is using IT and VoIP Staff Augmentation solutions and we are going to discuss all the details about this popular trend in this blog post.  What is Staff Augmentation?   When a startup aims to revolutionize the industry

WebRTC Web Conferencing
WebRTC Web Conferencing to Drive Online Meetings and Conferences

Remote communication has been an inseparable part of businesses, be it a startup, small business, or enterprise. It gives relief from several challenges that businesses face and provides an influential position to stay connected with teams, clients, vendors, investors, etc. Conferencing solutions of different types have been one of the topmost tools used in this regard to support online communication and collaboration. Audio, video, and web conferencing have been three different types of conferencing out of which web conferencing is one of the most popular. With increasing demand for WebRTC based communication solutions, WebRTC web conferencing is now one of

Mobile VoIP Development
Innovative Technologies Enabling Advancements in Mobile VoIP Development

VoIP companies have been working hard to increase the benefits of VoIP based solutions. As technical inventions take place such as 5g, IoT, AI, etc., custom VoIP development companies put their R&D department on the job of finding ways to make VoIP based solutions more beneficial and adaptable. All different solutions go through these revolutionary changes brought by different technologies. The significant change in the Mobile VoIP Development process and use of technologies is also noticed. Increasing Demand For Mobile VoIP Solutions As the nature and goals of business change, the requirement of communication also changes. Traditionally, even VoIP is

Key Features of SIP.js for WebRTC Application Development
Key Features of SIP.js for WebRTC Application Development

Since 2011, when WebRTC was announced for the first time, its popularity has been growing day and night. This technology has made it possible to build real-time communication applications using browser technology, which was impossible without using third-party plug-ins earlier. However, with WebRTC-based apps, you don’t need to use any third-party plug-in or support to establish real-time communication via web browsers. Simply put, WebRTC application development has made it possible to connect with peers across the world in real-time and that also using a web page or a web app. As WebRTC is growing in popularity, several other technologies are

Audio and Video Conferencing
Audio and Video Conferencing: Bridging Gap in Communication

Businesses were never bound to the four walls of offices. Business owners put a huge chunk of their budget into connecting with distant customers and onboarding new customers. With technological inventions like audio and video conferencing, it has become easier and cheaper to stay connected and capture the whole world. Several businesses have been using conferencing options to gain advantages of remote work and business, but factors like the COVID-19 pandemic, declining economies in several countries, war, etc. contributed to the increased popularity of options that support remote work environments. Introduction of Audio and Video Conferencing Along with several other

Call Center Software
Providing Exceptional Customer Service Through Call Center Software: A Constructive Guide

Customer retention has become the major goal of businesses because retaining existing customers is 5x times cheaper than converting a lead to onboard a new customer (Source). Increasing the customer retention rate can result in a steady revenue stream, better brand building, increased chances of referral business, and several other advantages for a business, which makes it necessary to put efforts into retaining clients. The major driving factor that can help call centers retain clients is delivering a delightful customer experience. The best call center software has a special role to play in helping businesses deliver exceptional customer service to

FreeSWITCH Development
Taking a Deeper Dive into FreeSWITCH: Unveiling Its True Power

SIP communication solutions are gaining immense popularity among business users and even local consumers. The easy and cheaper access to the high bandwidth internet, communication apps, and several other advantages are making VoIP-based communication solutions the first choice of businesses. These businesses can use these IP telephony solutions for their own business or to serve the communication needs of local users. Even VoIP service providers are identifying the best business opportunities in this market sphere because it is becoming a billion-dollar industry. According to Fact Mr, the global IP telephony market was valued at 49.40 billion USD in 2022, and

WebRTC Softphone and FreeSWITCH
Blending the Power of WebRTC Softphone and FreeSWITCH

  VoIP technologies like Asterisk and FreeSWITCH have been leading the ground by offering dynamic features to build telephony applications and solutions. FreeSWITCH offers an excellent base to build scalable and powerful telephony products, but it does not support web-based communication and for that, a browser extension would be required. Unlike that, WebRTC has been providing reliable technology to develop real time communication solutions that can be used to conduct calls and conferences via web browsers. However, WebRTC Softphone or any other app developed using WebRTC application development will not have telephony features and facilities and for that, WebRTC VoIP

Custom Telephony Solutions with Flexibility of FreeSWITCH

  Uninterrupted communication has always been a necessity for businesses. With the transformation in business models and markets, the requirement for telephony solutions with custom features has become the vitality. Unlike traditional times, when businesses used to use conventional communication systems, now businesses are ready to invest in the best solutions to meet business communication needs. Businesses invest in FreeSWITCH development to build customized solutions that can provide reliable telephony solutions.  In the VoIP industry, there are multiple communication solution development technologies available such as FreeSWITCH, Asterisk, OpenSIPs, Kamailio, and WebRTC. Custom VoIP Development can help in building tailored telephony

Linphone Development
Linphone Enables Seamless Business Communication

  In the modern era, digitization and mobility go hand in hand. It is necessary to use the best communication solutions that are advanced and digitized, as well as support mobility. Moreover, these communication solutions must be affordable on an ongoing basis. When we talk about communication and connectivity in businesses, it becomes more vital to have solutions that are fast, reliable, cheap, and support mobility.  All these demands might sound unrealistic or over the top, but these all can be achieved with Linphone. You might have heard about Linphone app development because it is one of the most popular