Major Inbound Call Center Trends 2021 You Must Know

Defining a sound call center strategy needs historical data, future prediction, and experience. The required experience you must be holding. And the historical data you can easily extract from the reports available in your intelligent call center software. Future predictions

Call Center WhatsApp Integration to Cater to Millennials and Gen Z Consumers

A call center is one of the industries that have been evolving. As time changes, new technology evolves the habits of consumers, and buyers change, too. To meet the expectations and demands of customers, it is necessary to first understand

Major Outbound Call Center Trends 2021: You Must Know to Stay Ahead of Competition

Call centers are one of those industries, which get affected by both, internal and external factors. From major reshuffling of staff to never seen before technology trends, completely changed consumer behavior, newly enforced telecommunication law, etc. have the power of

New Year Resolutions for Call Centers

Finally, it is the year 2021, we have all made it through a tough time, which we all faced during the world novel COVID-19 pandemic. As the vaccination has started in many parts of the world, all of us have

Use Cases of Preview Dialer

Intelligent call center solutions host the widest array of features. Even if the names suggest features, which you have seen in other call center solutions as well, they are more powerful and beneficial in an intelligent solution. In this article,

Why Cloud Call Center Solution Is Better Than On-Premises Software?

Cloud call center solutions are gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. However, many people are still wondering whether to go for it or not. In this article, we will share what is cloud call center software and what are the

Why Using Social Media Integrated Call Center Software Is Necessary for Businesses?

Businesses use an intelligent call center software solution to deliver a jaw-dropping customer experience to their existing clients and to immediately respond to the prospect queries. Using traditional channels of the call center software to address the needs of the

How E-commerce Businesses Can Get Holiday Ready?

The end of the year often causes spikes in eCommerce businesses in the USA, European countries, and other places due to the holiday season. The year 2020 is supposed to cause more traffic and volume in eCommerce and similar businesses

Customer Analytics to Strategies Better Customer Experience Plan

Change is constant and bringing positive change is a necessity. In businesses, many actions are taken to handle customers and their positive experience with the brand. Businesses keep investing resources to bring out the best possible for customers. However, to

Imperativeness of Omnichannel Call Center Solution

Call center solutions have been inventing innovative features to meet the needs of call centers and businesses. From the traditional solution, which allowed multiple agents to work in parallel to intelligent call center software, which gives an advantage over competitors