Operational KPI's
Must Have Features in Your Inbound Intelligent Call Center Software

Usually, intelligent call center software supports all types of campaigns, namely, inbound, outbound, and blended. However, depending on the type of calling campaigns that you are going to run, you will need to look for the right features in your

cluecon weekly
iNextrix Representative Participated in ClueCon Weekly

We are excited to share that a representative of our company, iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd, participated in ClueCone weekly, which is hosted by SignalWire in 2021. ClueCon Developers Conference, more popularly known as CluecCon, is one of the renowned conferences

social media integration in contact center
How to Integrate Social Media in the Contact Center?

Contact centers usually focus on customer support and customer care campaigns. The main mode of communication in contact centers is voice calls. Even in the 21st century, voice calls have been the major mode of communication to listen to the

Top Rated Call Center Software
iCallify Secured Position in the Top 10 Best Call Center Software List on Software World

We are extremely happy to share that our proprietary call center software, namely, iCallify has secured its position in the top 10 best call center software solutions in the world. The list of the top 10 best call center software

Predictive Dialer
Why Call Center Software Must Have A Predictive Dialer?

When you look for a call center solution in the market, there are hundreds of options available. All of them would look similar to each other with some minor differences. Moreover, the call center solutions also have different packages to

Major Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction in a Call Center

In more than 80% of the customers, the major goal to achieve is increasing customer satisfaction. The reason is a majority of call centers focus on customer care and customer support campaigns. To improve customer satisfaction, call centers need to

How to Measure and Improve Call Center Productivity?

Productivity not only defines the excellent performance of the team, but also defines better returns. The productive team utilizes the time and other resources at their best so they can deliver maximum output and let your call center receive higher

Best Call Center Software 2021
iCallify Features as Best Call Center Software of 2021 by Digital

We are excited to share this amazing news: iCallify, the proprietary call center software developed by our company iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd is featured on digital.com. This intelligent call center software has made its position in the list of top

Automatic Call Distributor: Everything You Need to Know

Telecommunication has been in existence for many decades. With technological inventions, the role and features of telecommunication tools have changed. Right now, in the 21st century, people and businesses have access to the most advanced version of telecommunication solutions. The

Tips for Building Effective Strategy for Call Centers

Call centers invest in the best team of agents and the most advanced intelligent call center software. But, is this enough?  Along with skilled agents and intelligent call center software, call centers also need to make an intelligent strategy to