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How to Use OpenSIPs as a VoIP Software Development Kit
How to Use OpenSIPs as a VoIP Software Development Kit?

  A wide spectrum of solutions, applications, and even technologies are available in the VoIP industry. More and more additions are taking place in this industry with ongoing research and innovation carried out by the top VoIP development companies, government, telecom authorities, and even hackers. Yes, the IP telephony market is huge and that is why there are so many inventions and innovations taking place in this industry. Using a single platform or technology, several applications can be built. For example, traditionally OpenSIPs solution development companies used to focus on its SIP server characteristic only. However, now, there are so

Top Reasons DevOps Is Crucial for Software Development
Top Reasons Why DevOps Is Important for Software Development?

  DevOps was founded back in 2007 and now it has become a big thing. Major software development companies, whether they are web development companies or mobile app development companies in India or worldwide, have started adopting the DevOps model. In fact, even if the software development company ignores it, businesses demand their development companies and partners to use DevOps as their base methodology. Have you ever wondered, what made DevOps services so vital and in demand?  We will discover that in this blog post. We are going to cover the following points to give you insight into the topic

how to install asterisk
How to Install Asterisk? A Complete Guide on Asterisk Installation

  Asterisk has been a primary and pioneer technology for VoIP software development. Thus, there are many users of the Asterisk platform and you can also find many Asterisk developers worldwide. Many aspiring engineers are willing to build their career in Asterisk to get a job in the top Asterisk development company. The first step to master to learn this powerful VoIP technology and then building a fascinating VoIP solution is to learn Asterisk installation.  There are some guides available explaining the steps of installing Asterisk. We have simplified the steps and come up with the easiest guide to install

Best Practices to Boost VoIP Security
Best Practices to Boost VoIP Security 

  Protecting the sensitive information and data of customers and the company is essential for any business. Even in many countries legislation is quite strict related to customer data protection. Some industry verticals such as healthcare, legal, banking, etc. make it mandatory to protect customer data. When data is transmitted online, it becomes more prone to breaches and hacking. VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. That means all voice calls, video, media, and data get transmitted over internet lines. This causes VoIP security concerns majorly for VoIP solutions users. These concerns are not limited to VoIP service providers, but

How to Make VoIP Calls via Browser with FreeSWITCH and WebRTC
How to Make VoIP Calls via Browser with FreeSWITCH and WebRTC? 

  Browser based VoIP calling is fairly popular among business users because they are often connected to their systems to screen share or refer files. Thus, using a system is more convenient for communication than using a smartphone. Moreover, browser based calling makes the whole business communication experience flexible unlike using a PC dialer or similar app because it does not involve the installation of the same VoIP software at both ends. There are multiple other advantages related to using browser based communication tools, which has increased its user base. Thanks to the versatile WebRTC development company, this has become

SBC vs. Firewall
SBC vs Firewall: Which one is a Better Choice?

  Security is a major concern for any business and when we talk about the VoIP industry, the concern becomes more serious. One of the major question raised by VoIP industry is that Which one is a Better Choice? SBC vs Firewall. All data and media traverse on internet lines, which is why interception of the lines and leakage of data is common. Moreover, the VoIP industry faces major security attacks from hackers and cyber attackers, which include  DOS (Denial of Service)  DDOS (Destructive Denial of Service)  Toll fraud  Call tampering  Vishing  VOMIT (Voice over Misconfigured Internet Telephones)  SPIT (Spam

Is VICIDial Really Free
Is VICIDial Really Free? What Are the Hidden Costs to Use VICIDial?

  Retaining customers and generating more sales are the two most vital jobs of any business. But, it is getting harder and harder each passing day due to a compressed budget, tighter legislation, lack of skilled staff and attrition, and several other factors. This requires faster actions and advanced tools to keep the wheel of business circulating. A contact center solution can be a great tool here to speed up sales and customer care campaigns. There are several options for this software available, but of course, what is more alluring for business owners is using a free call center solution

WebRTC Is a Real Pal of Service Providers
WebRTC Is a Real Pal of Service Providers

  VoIP has been one of the most prominent inventions in the communication industry. This industry relies on multiple VoIP development technologies, frameworks, tools, and more. WebRTC was added to this family in 2011. It is the newest member of this family, but it really took the world by storm with its awesome characteristics and facets. A WebRTC development company happily recommends WebRTC solutions because of the amazing features and benefits associated with them.  Video chat or conference has been challenging for VoIP developers, but WebRTC has made it quite straightforward. It does not require any third party servers. All

Node JS 19 New Version Launched 
Node JS 19 New Version Launched

  Node JS is an open-source run-time environment built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. Since its launch in 2009, several Node JS development companies in India have been using it successfully for building dynamic websites, real-time chatbots, video data streaming, single page web apps, etc. The superior performance, excellent ecosystem, scalability, and great community support make Node JS app development quite popular for businesses. By overtaking React JS, Node JS has become the most popular web framework among software developers around the world, in 2022. A survey conducted showed that 47.12% of the respondents were using Node JS.  Node JS

Steps to Start a Mobile VoIP Business
How to Start a Mobile VoIP Business? 

  The market size of VoIP and mobile has dramatically increased in the past decade. There are so many users that have not only adopted smart devices but now smartphones and devices have become an inseparable part of their lives. The voice over IP applications has been enhancing business communication by targeting a niche market. But, now it has started paving its way to the mainstream market to cater to all types of users. This has forked several business opportunities for mobile app development companies and VoIP development companies. Tech companies and giants have taken a step ahead to amalgamate