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04 Mar: Securing a2billing admin data from customers and agent

In A2billing version below 1.9.4 having security issue in export. In that versions we are able to export “cc_ui_authen” table information using agent login. For example: http://localhost/a2billing/agent/Public/export_csv.php?var_export=menu_section&var_export_type=type_xml&section=SELECT * FROM `cc_ui_authen` This will export all information of admin login. So it’s one of major security issue. To prevent this issue we need modification in following files: common/lib/admin.defines.php common/lib/agent.defines.php common/lib/customer.defines.php In all of above files we just need to change following line:…

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17 Sep: Themes for A2Billing Customer panel

iNextrix is feeling happy to announce launching of new themes for a2billing customer panel. A2Billing is a VOIP Billing software having Calling Cards, Prepaid-Postpaid, LCR and many more features. Now a days clients needs attractive UI and better user experience along with existing or custom features. With attractive and promising UI made by iNextrix, you can get more customers, boost up user experience and obviously gain more money. By our…