Why Mobile Dialer is Important for Your Business?

The VoIP uses intent protocols to initiate, conduct and tear down the calls. Two very well known facts related to VoIP are 1. It is cheaper than traditional communication 2. It provides better quality. The mobile dialer, which is also

Prevent App crashing in Android using ACRA

One truth for developing a mobile application is: there are so many constraints, for example, a hardware limitation (CPU, RAM, Battery, etc) which cause application crashing specifically in android application development. In any android app development, If your code design

Manage app from Android Studio

With reference of this blog, You can improve your productivity in Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA.  Here we highlighted some important features to enable which avoid any further glitch while making the android application ready and that is IDEA features

Getting started with Android notifications

A notification is a message which can display to the user outside of your application's normal UI. When you tell the system to show a notification, it first appears as an icon in the notification area. To see the notification

Steps to secure Android device

Nowadays people are using many smart phone and doing many things online. We do online, from learning to working, connecting to shopping, online security is a demanding piece of our everyday life. That’s why Android provide many safer and defensive

Installing CPU Accelerator (HAXM)

Every Android Developer want their emulator to speedup for application debugging. And even they were facing slow speed issue with running app and to launch emulator.If someone skipped the initial setup of Android Studio previously, they want to make sure