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How Does a CRM Integrated Asterisk IVR Solution Benefit Businesses
How Does a CRM Integrated Asterisk IVR Solution Benefit Businesses?

  Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is used by several businesses as an auto attendant system in several businesses and organizations. An IVR solution has been automatically attending incoming calls and greeting the customer with warm greetings for decades. Asterisk has been a pioneer in VoIP software development technology. Thus, traditionally an Asterisk development company used to develop a traditional Asterisk IVR solution.  The traditional system used to just perform a static job of attending calls and greeting callers of the company with a prerecorded message. However, the technology space of the VoIP industry has been quite progressive and innovative.

Lets Upgrade To Asterisk Version 20
Top Reasons to Upgrade to Asterisk Version 20

  Asterisk is one of the top VoIP development platforms. Originally, it is a private branch exchange (PBX) platform and a popular open source framework used by the top Asterisk development companies to cater to the needs of enterprises for building different IP telephony and unified communication solutions. Across 170 countries, 2,000,000 downloads of Asterisk are registered annually, which proves the worth of this platform.  Asterisk is a pioneering framework that is used by several VoIP development companies all across the globe to meet their own business communication needs and the demands of their own customers. Some of the major

Asterisk Development Vs Hiring a Remote Asterisk Expert
Asterisk Development Vs. Hiring a Remote Asterisk Expert: Which Is a Better Option?

  Hiring remote resources is no longer a far-fetched concept, especially, in the IT, telecom, and development industry. Due to the increasing adoption of the remote working model and technologies like AI, IoT, 5G, etc. implementing the remote working model has become simplified and straightforward. When you have a project for Asterisk development, you can hire a remote developer or you can outsource the project of building the top telephony product in Asterisk with a fixed cost model. In technical words, it is called time and material or fixed cost models. These models have been in the industry for many

Asterisk development
Myths and Facts about Asterisk Development

Asterisk has been benefiting the VoIP telephony industry since 1999. It means that for more than two decades, this open source VoIP platform has been empowering businesses with its amazing telephony features and cost benefits. Initially, all VoIP solutions, from a live call monitoring solution to IVR solution, call center routing software, hosted Softswitch solutions, etc. were developed in Asterisk. Now, the telephony industry has multiple other technology alternatives to use instead of Asterisk development. Still, Asterisk is one of the most popular technologies. Even though Asterisk has been benefiting VoIP businesses for more than 25 years, there are many