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Increase Agent Productivity

16 Apr: 3 Easy Ways to Increase Agent Productivity by Using Call Center Solution

Call center businesses need to have a strategy to gain a competitive edge. One of the metrics call center leaders focuses more to achieve set business milestones and competitive edge is the productivity of the agents. The call center leaders always focus on calculating productivity of the agents as well as they look for the possible solutions which can be implemented to increase the same. One of the tools which can be used by the call center leaders is the call center solution. In this article, I will share how you can use the call center software to increase the productivity of agents in your call center.

09 Apr: How to Use Abandoned Rate to Improve Customer Satisfaction?

Each business or call center always seeks for the same thing and that is the highest possible customer satisfaction ratio. The call center solution provides many interesting metrics to achieve this goal, but the thing is one need to know how to use these metrics offered by the call center software. Today, in this article, we will talk about as such important metric, namely, Abandoned Rate and how you can…

Necessity of Live Call Monitoring in Call Center Solution

31 Mar: Necessity of Advanced Live Call Monitoring in Call Center Solution

Call center industry is an evergreen industry without a doubt, but at the same time, the competition level is fierce. There are so many call centers in the world and each call center compete against hundreds of other call centers because of the increasing trend of global outsourcing. Thus to survive in the industry and making sure to increase the returns over investment, the call centers need to take many…

04 Feb: How Call Center Solution Increase Lead Generation?

The success key of any business is continuous increment of the client base. This demands acquiring new clients. In any business, there are two types of lead generation to increase the client base: Inbound and outbound. Our call center solution will ensure the graceful operations to convert both types of leads. It will not only increase the conversion ratio, but also your ROI. Our call center software can work as a great tool for continuous lead generation. How? Let’s unveil.

Top 6 Secrets Unveiled to Deliver The Best Customer Engagement-v1

21 Nov: Top 6 Secrets Unveiled to Deliver The Best Customer Engagement

You must have heard the name of the Mobile SIP Dialer, but might not be much familiar with it. Being one of the best vendors that offer reliable Mobile SIP Dialer, we would like to educate you about this amazing tool that everyone must use. The expert developers have created an app that lets its user use the SIP codec and protocol to make calls. The user can make calls on both, SIP device and PRI lines using this mobile SIP Dialer.


08 Oct: Start Your Own Call Center or Create a New Revenue Generation Channel

Once upon a time, the call center solution was used by only BPOs and KPOs. However, the time is changed and so does the usage of the call center solution. The growing companies and serial entrepreneurs use the call center software to increase the revenues of their one or more business and you, too, can do the same. Wondering how? Let me explain.
Start your own call center / customer care center
Regardless of the type of the business, two operations are performed by all companies and organizations.
1. Lead generation and
2. Customer care