Tips to Keep in Mind While Supporting Customers Remotely

Lockdown is common these days which is one of the strategies used by people or the government to combat the spread of the world novel Coronavirus. Businesses cannot stop as that can be disastrous for many. Some industries cannot work

Use iCallify for Consolidated Remote Work during COVID19 Pandemic

Coronavirus caused pandemic around the world. In some countries, companies have started implementing the “Work from Home” model and in some countries, the government has enforced the rules of lockdown or curfew due to which the companies need to adopt

How to Asses Call Quality in Call Center?

The fundamental operation of any support center or customer care center is assuring call quality. Support centers recruit the most experienced agents and best tools such as intelligent call center software to assure the best call quality. Still, there are

Importance of Using a Preview Dialer for Call Center

Preview dialer has made its place in the heart of the telemarketing industry already. Its automated algorithm has increased the efficiency of call centers by a great margin. Call centers are actively using this call center software to cut down

How can Intelligent Call Center Software with Predictive Dialer Increases Call Centre ROI?

Call centers actively experiment with the latest technological advances to increase their efficiency as to successfully gain promising prospects and achieve maximum ROI. Automated systems, with their lightning speed of computing, can meet these standards easily. Predictive dialer is an

How to Personalize Call Routing Rules to Benefit Callers to Call Centers?

The personalized experience is in demand everywhere and call centers are no exception at all. Let’s learn what stops us from delivering personalized call routing services using call center software. Online businesses often collect tons of customer data using intelligent

How to Use Call Center Software Reports in Your Favour?

The call center industry is driven by data. This data includes everything related to the industry for which the campaigns are in action. Some of the common forms of data are customer insight, telephonic conversation, market statistics, the performance of

Top 5 Tips to Improve Call Quality Effectively

Call centers measure success in revenues and returns of investment. However, there are many small key performance indicators (KPIs) that define the success of a call center. These KPIs actually contribute to increasing revenues and ROI. One of the important

ACD (Advanced Call Distribution) in Call Center Software

In today's world, where providing efficient customer service is the topmost priority for businesses, handling large volumes of incoming calls each day can be quite challenging for any business. This is because, with only a basic telephony system in place,

What are the Advantages of Intelligent Call Center Software for Small Businesses?

Small businesses often require an intelligent call center software that is cost-effective. This type of solution helps small businesses in improving customer support services as well as accelerates their telemarketing campaigns. Flexible dial speed, dialing multiple lines, sticky agent, call