Successful Completion of Intelligent Call Center Software Technical Webinar

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of our second webinar, which was conducted last Thursday, 25th of March, 2021. The webinar was conducted on the topic of “Intelligent Call Center Software: An Inside Look”. If you have missed

Best Practices to Assure Call Center Quality

In a call center, there are many things, which need to be administered like overall productivity, customer satisfaction, resource allocation and utilization, and more.  Call center quality assurance is a holistic term, which means monitoring and improving metrics related to

How to Reduce Call Hold Time in Call Centers?

The call hold time is when the customer is communicating with an agent about his or her issue and the agent puts the customer on hold to find the response. According to a study result shared by The Small Business

How to Improve the Profitability of Your Call Center?

Businesses mainly compete on three variables: price, product (both quality and selection), and customer service. Of the three, customer service is the easiest to gain. But great customer service requires putting your customers at the center of your business and

How to Generate Call Center Leads without Occupying Agents?

Generating new leads and business is a common task for any business. In the call centers, usually agents are occupied in handling customer care or outsourced customer campaigns. Freeing up some agents from the client projects and putting them to

Major Inbound Call Center Trends 2021 You Must Know

Defining a sound call center strategy needs historical data, future prediction, and experience. The required experience you must be holding. And the historical data you can easily extract from the reports available in your intelligent call center software. Future predictions

Call Center WhatsApp Integration to Cater to Millennials and Gen Z Consumers

A call center is one of the industries that have been evolving. As time changes, new technology evolves the habits of consumers, and buyers change, too. To meet the expectations and demands of customers, it is necessary to first understand

Major Outbound Call Center Trends 2021: You Must Know to Stay Ahead of Competition

Call centers are one of those industries, which get affected by both, internal and external factors. From major reshuffling of staff to never seen before technology trends, completely changed consumer behavior, newly enforced telecommunication law, etc. have the power of

New Year Resolutions for Call Centers

Finally, it is the year 2021, we have all made it through a tough time, which we all faced during the world novel COVID-19 pandemic. As the vaccination has started in many parts of the world, all of us have

Use Cases of Preview Dialer

Intelligent call center solutions host the widest array of features. Even if the names suggest features, which you have seen in other call center solutions as well, they are more powerful and beneficial in an intelligent solution. In this article,