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Why Your Business Needs Call Center WhatsApp Integration Services With VICIDial
Why Your Business Needs VICIDial Call Center WhatsApp Integration Services?

  Are you looking to enhance your customer engagement through WhatsApp but struggling with managing it alongside your call center software? Look no further! Our Vicidial call center WhatsApp integration services provide the perfect solution to this challenge.  WhatsApp offers numerous benefits, including an open rate of more than 90%, a 70% engagement rate, and an 80% high conversion rate for leads contacted through WhatsApp, among other communication channels. By integrating WhatsApp into your marketing or customer care campaigns, you can enjoy richer and more dynamic customer engagement.  Advantages of VICIDial Call Center WhatsApp Integration Our Vicidial WhatsApp integration services

how to install asterisk
How to Install Asterisk? A Complete Guide on Asterisk Installation

  Asterisk has been a primary and pioneer technology for VoIP software development. Thus, there are many users of the Asterisk platform and you can also find many Asterisk developers worldwide. Many aspiring engineers are willing to build their career in Asterisk to get a job in the top Asterisk development company. The first step to master to learn this powerful VoIP technology and then building a fascinating VoIP solution is to learn Asterisk installation.  There are some guides available explaining the steps of installing Asterisk. We have simplified the steps and come up with the easiest guide to install

Why Choose Inextrix for Call Center CRM Integration
Top Reasons to Use Call Center CRM Integration from Inextrix

  All businesses seek opportunities to grow and thrive in the competitive world. For this, they make several decisions, from embarking on new ventures to empowering the current ones. Technology plays a pivotal role in this journey and it is necessary to invest in the right technology. Early adoption of the right tools might be risky, but it gives a great competitive advantage. Some businesses wait until the technology gets matured before investing in it. That strategy reduces the risk and ensures better ROI with a lower competitive advantage as everyone else might be using that technology. The worst thing

Call Forwarding vs call transferring
Call Forwarding vs. Call Transfer: How Do These Features Differ?

  Computer telephony integration in other business tools like CRM systems has become common. The major business solutions also provide telephony features incorporated into the software to enhance business communication. Some features like call forwarding, call transfer, etc. are available in multiple communication solutions such as IP PBX solutions, call center solutions, etc. The companies that offer VoIP development services can help you develop these features for your software. Both call forwarding and call transfer are two different features and are often misunderstood or incorrectly used by people. What is Call Forwarding? It is a telephony feature that forwards an

Call Tracking Software Effectiveness and Key Call Tracking Metrics

In this modern business world, knowing what your customer needs and how your team performs can help you devise a better growth strategy and achieve major milestones in business. There are multiple solutions made available by VoIP development companies and VoIP open source development companies that help businesses discover both important aspects. The call tracking software is one of the solutions that can be used to identify both of these important metrics and multiple other metrics, too.  What is call tracking software? This software lets supervisors listen to the previous call recordings and track major KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). In

Contact Center Software
How to Identify the Best Hybrid Workforce Contact Center Software in 2022?

From COVID 19 to international situations of war, everything has contributed to the adoption of a hybrid workforce in contact centers. It may sound salient, but it needs a lot of strategic work to make this environment successful. The contact center software to workforce training has to be taken into consideration to make a hybrid workforce efficient and effective. Remember, either remote or on-premise setup can be less challenging than the hybrid workforce. It is necessary to find one of the best call center solutions that can help you manage your hybrid workforce.  To help you with this challenging situation,

Progressive Dialer
How Does Progressive Dialer Accelerate Sales?

The call center solutions are built with exceptional features to give a boost to each business aspect. As we all know sales is one of the major and most crucial parts of any business, it is necessary to understand the role of the contact center software in improving sales. Software for call centers offers multiple features and auto dialer solutions are the most effective ones for increasing sales. The progressive dialer is one of the features available in advanced software for contact centers that can indeed accelerate sales. What is a progressive dialer? It is an auto dialer, which dials

Call Center
Why Is Voice Quality Important in a Call Center?

In a Call center, multiple aspects define the success and brand image. Thus, it becomes necessary to focus on the customer experience that can deliver exceptional customer experience or increase the number of sales by winning prospects. From hiring an experienced team of agents to buying one of the most feature rich call center solutions, call centers make some huge investments. However, sometimes the most vital yet tiny things get ignored by this type of business and it can affect many aspects of the business. For example, voice quality in a communication business is a crucial element and it is

Inbound Call center Solution
Do’s and Don’ts of Inbound Call Center Solution

Customer experience has become a driving factor in businesses because competition is getting very fierce. Losing a customer can cause a lot of business. Thus, it has become crucial to use the best tools like an inbound call center solution with omnichannel communication support to deliver jaw dropping customer services and improve customer experience.  Buying the best software to manage incoming calls of customer concerns and questions is not sufficient. The business has to invest time in learning the do's and don'ts of using that software.  Do's of using inbound contact center software: 1. Use the right call routing strategy

Inbound/Outbound Call Centers Solution