How to Use Live Call Data in Call Center Solution?

The call center solution offers a wide array of features to benefit the call centers and businesses that use it. One of the most useful features available in advanced and / or intelligent call center software is the live call

How Call Center Solution Can Benefit Small Businesses?

The call center software is a unified communication system. Often, the call center software is used by big enterprises and call centers or BPOS. The small businesses prefer to use traditional telephony solution to keep in touch with their customer.

How to Deliver the Best Call Center Experience to Your Customers?

Each business uses the call center service; either by setting up an in-house call center or by outsourcing the service to the leading call center in the town and sometimes beyond boundaries of the town. As the call center directly

Top 3 Reasons to Use iCallify

iCallify is an intelligent call center software, which is recently launched in the iCallify launch event by the iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The company recommends businesses to adopt this call center solution if the business is willing to start with

iNextrix Announced Launch of Intelligent Call Center Solution: iCallify

It is a moment of immense happiness for us to introduce our Intelligent Call Center Software, namely, iCallify. Launch of iCallify is a moment of joy for us, Team iNextrix, as well as our customers who have been demanding a

ABC of Multi Tenant Call Center Solution

The call center spectrum has faced a lot of changes and innovations. Each day there is something new which makes the buzz. In fact, gone are the days when the call center solution was used by the call centers only.

How Predictive Dialer Benefits Call Centers?

In any call center, the focus is always on increased performance: The performance of the agents, the performance of the campaign and the overall performance of the business. This is the reason each call center in the world thrives to

3 Easy Ways to Increase Agent Productivity by Using Call Center Solution

Call center businesses need to have a strategy to gain a competitive edge. One of the metrics call center leaders focuses more to achieve set business milestones and competitive edge is the productivity of the agents. The call center leaders

How to Use Abandoned Rate to Improve Customer Satisfaction?

Each business or call center always seeks for the same thing and that is the highest possible customer satisfaction ratio. The call center solution provides many interesting metrics to achieve this goal, but the thing is one need to know

Necessity of Advanced Live Call Monitoring in Call Center Solution

Call center industry is an evergreen industry without a doubt, but at the same time, the competition level is fierce. There are so many call centers in the world and each call center compete against hundreds of other call centers