Top 5 Qualities Call Center Supervisor Must Possess

On the success of any call center, generally, credit is given to agents. However, supervisors in call centers deserve equal credit. In fact, they play an important role to make sure agents can drive a call center towards set success

Top 5 Qualities Call Center Agents Must Possess

Agents in a call center not only handle an essential task, but they also manage to do a very demanding job. Of course, to provide them the required support call centers empower them with skilled supervisors that can coach agents

Omnichannel Call Center Solution and Its Major Pros

Omnichannel call center solution has become a household term now. More and more businesses have started adopting the one. To adopt it and leverage maximum benefits by using its true power, you need to know more about it. Being one

Tips to Reduce Average Call Handling Time

Average call handling time (AHT) is considered as one of the major KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in the call centers. Thus, it is worth giving emphasis and working on the improvement of this KPI. A call handling time is a

The Future of Call Centers after the Pandemic

The call center industry has been facing many challenges in the past few years. Multiple technological inventions such as natural language processing (NLP), intelligent call center software, etc., plus, changes in user behavior, such as multiple sources of information, easy

Importance of Social Media in Call Center

Running a call center is a complex job. There are many challenges one needs to tackle to deliver the best customer services to the customers. Increasing sales by generating new leads and/or retaining customers with the best customer care services

Importance of WhatsApp in Call Centers

Call centers vigorously seek for high customer satisfaction. Today’s customers have more options than earlier in terms of providers. Due to cutthroat competition, businesses invest in call centers or call center services because customer retention is more important than new

How to Keep Your Team Proactive during COVID 19 Pandemic?

The novel Coronavirus outbreak has enforced governments to lockdown whole countries. The businesses and call centers are also shut. However, it is not practical to stop business operations. Thus, a majority of businesses and call centers are now working remotely.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Supporting Customers Remotely

Lockdown is common these days which is one of the strategies used by people or the government to combat the spread of the world novel Coronavirus. Businesses cannot stop as that can be disastrous for many. Some industries cannot work

Use iCallify for Consolidated Remote Work during COVID19 Pandemic

Coronavirus caused pandemic around the world. In some countries, companies have started implementing the “Work from Home” model and in some countries, the government has enforced the rules of lockdown or curfew due to which the companies need to adopt