Learn Top Terminologies Related to Call Center Software in Outbound Call Center

An outbound call center is the one where call center agents make calls to prospective customers for selling a product or service. In addition to sales, the calls may also be for renewal and payment reminders, debt collection, surveys, market

Top 3 Challenges in Running a Call Center

Running a call center is not an easy job. There are many aspects that one needs to give attention to. Furthermore, every passing day, new challenges keep adding up into the stress level of agents, staff, and the owner himself.

What are the Benefits of Mobile Dialer Customization in Business?

Mobile SIP Dialer is one of the best mobile VoIP softphone solutions that have become a buzz in the VoIP industry. In a VoIP business, owning a business under your own brand name is very important. This is where you

Top KPIs to Measure Success in Call Center

A call center receives several calls every day. In order to know what's going on, it is vital to gauge what the agents are doing, how speedy they're doing it and how well they're pleasing the customers. The call center

Deliver Best Customer Experience with Intelligent Call Center Software

In today's race with the competitors, customer satisfaction can seriously impact a company's profit, and it is easy to calculate with the direct loss of the customers. The company often ignores the damage caused by negative experiences shared by their

Soundboard Avatars: An Engaging Tool Available in Intelligent Call Center Software

Call center solutions come with a wide array of features to engage and delight customers. The Soundboard Avatars is one of the interesting features available in advanced, more specifically, in intelligent call center software. It engages customers. The call center

High Availability Solutions and Its Vitality

First of all, let’s understand the concept of High Availability (HA) solutions. The HA solution is actually a way of setting up your network and system for any of the unified communication or VoIP software. It can be an intelligent

Call Center Metrics: Ways to Improve Performance of Call Center Solution

Modern business has realized that the key to a healthy profit margin is not simply cost savings. It also includes finding new sources of income. Call center or technical support contacts more customers than marketing staff, so the most effective

Predictive Dialer vs. Progressive Dialer

Call center solutions aim to provide maximum efficiency and productivity to its users. Thus, it automates many actions with different features incorporated in it. The call center dialers are one of those most important features which empower call centers and

6 Rules to Satisfy Your Customers Using Call Scripts

Whenever a customer rings in the call center, he expects the best and quick response. The agents need to be prepared for every question that the customer may shoot in. It can be related to company policy or anything else.