Top 5 Tips to Improve Agent Productivity

The success of a call center depends on various things and one of the most important contributors is the productivity of the agent. The agents’ productivity often depends on the experience of the agent as well as the way a

How Sticky Agent Increases Customer Satisfaction?

The call center solutions are developed to provide features that can reduce the pain points of customers and increase their satisfaction and happiness. The call center solution industry keeps on evolving to add new features to meet above mentioned two

How Intelligent Call Center Software Increase Business?

These days, almost all industry verticals use the call center solution due to its amazing offerings and benefits. The call center software has been adding value to companies and call centers and now the era of intelligent call center software

iNextrix Released iCallify Version 1.1 Furnished with New Features

We had launched iCallify: Intelligent Call Center Software in mid-May. It’s been almost two months of its release and we have come up with Version 1.1. Yes, we are glad to announce the launch of iCallify Version 1.1. Since its

How to Use Call Center Software to Enhance Agent Skills?

Agents handle calls and represent the company to the outside world. Thus, it is very important that your agents are well trained and experts. The call centers used to conduct training sessions for agents in the call center to train

Healthcare Call Center Software: Your Tool of Choice in Customer Relations

Today, everyone expects excellent customer service and post-sales support. This is further validation for healthcare foundations. Times are different and healthcare industries face the weight of conveying exemplary services to a developing number of patients. Communication is one of the

Top 3 Ways Call Center Software Strengthen Tourism Business

Call center software is an amazing tool to delight customers and increase sales for the tourism industry. In this article, I will share how tourism companies are increasing their business with the call center solution. The tourism business has the

Why Intelligent Call Center Software Is Gaining Popularity?

The call center solutions are gaining popularity. Almost all companies use the call center solution. This increasing demand for this solution attracted many innovators in this industry. The latest invention by passionate developers all across the world in the call

How to Use Live Call Data in Call Center Solution?

The call center solution offers a wide array of features to benefit the call centers and businesses that use it. One of the most useful features available in advanced and / or intelligent call center software is the live call

How Call Center Solution Can Benefit Small Businesses?

The call center software is a unified communication system. Often, the call center software is used by big enterprises and call centers or BPOS. The small businesses prefer to use traditional telephony solution to keep in touch with their customer.