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Audio and Video Conferencing: Bridging Gap in Communication

Businesses were never bound to the four walls of offices. Business owners put a huge chunk of their budget into connecting with distant customers and onboarding new customers. With technological inventions like audio and video conferencing, it has become easier and cheaper to stay connected and capture the whole world. Several businesses have been using conferencing options to gain advantages of remote work and business, but factors like the COVID-19 pandemic, declining economies in several countries, war, etc. contributed to the increased popularity of options that support remote work environments. Introduction of Audio and Video Conferencing Along with several other

cluecon weekly
Inextrix Representative Participated in ClueCon Weekly

We are excited to share that a representative of our company, Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd, participated in ClueCone weekly, which is hosted by SignalWire in 2021. ClueCon Developers Conference, more popularly known as CluecCon, is one of the renowned conferences and events in the VoIP industry. It is usually held offline to give a platform to VoIP and telecom professionals to get on the same stage and network with each other and learn from experts. The ClueCon weekly is part of this well known event, which is conducted virtually. The representative of SignalWire, Mr. Luca Pradovera, interviewed Mr. Arpit Modi.

Role of Video Conferencing in Recruitment

Technology paves its way to each aspect of business and recruitment cannot be left behind. Many companies believe in harnessing the power of technology to save resources and make the recruiting process smoother and faster. Video conferencing solution is one of the tools, which make the recruitment process hassle-free for both employee and employer. It also helps in moving faster in different stages of recruitment, which are listed below: First-level interview Technical interview (Optional) HR round In this article, we will explain the role of video conferencing in different stages of the recruitment process. We will also explain which features

How to Leave a Positive Impression in a Remote Meeting?

Remote meetings have become the norm now. Using different video conferencing solutions, people participate in or conduct video conferences. Being it a virtual meeting, professionals need to take additional care to leave a positive impression on other participants. Here are some of the tips to keep in mind for your next remote meeting: Check your tech and hardware in advance Some video conferencing software solutions need you to download the software and take some additional steps to join a video conference. On the other hand, some of them need you to open a web app and join the conference. Thus,

Why Your Business Needs Conferencing Solution?

Whether you are a small business or a multinational company with dispersed offices all across the world, you need a reliable solution to meet communication and collaboration need of your company. On a daily basis, the company needs to provide the best tool for internal team communication as well as the external communication with the customers, prospects, vendors, etc. The trend of getting the VoIP solution is increasing as it gives a lot of benefits compared to the traditional telecommunication mechanism. There are many systems that you can implement in your business to empower the communication and one of them