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FreeSWITCH Development
Taking a Deeper Dive into FreeSWITCH: Unveiling Its True Power

SIP communication solutions are gaining immense popularity among business users and even local consumers. The easy and cheaper access to the high bandwidth internet, communication apps, and several other advantages are making VoIP-based communication solutions the first choice of businesses. These businesses can use these IP telephony solutions for their own business or to serve the communication needs of local users. Even VoIP service providers are identifying the best business opportunities in this market sphere because it is becoming a billion-dollar industry. According to Fact Mr, the global IP telephony market was valued at 49.40 billion USD in 2022, and

Custom Telephony Solutions with Flexibility of FreeSWITCH

  Uninterrupted communication has always been a necessity for businesses. With the transformation in business models and markets, the requirement for telephony solutions with custom features has become the vitality. Unlike traditional times, when businesses used to use conventional communication systems, now businesses are ready to invest in the best solutions to meet business communication needs. Businesses invest in FreeSWITCH development to build customized solutions that can provide reliable telephony solutions.  In the VoIP industry, there are multiple communication solution development technologies available such as FreeSWITCH, Asterisk, OpenSIPs, Kamailio, and WebRTC. Custom VoIP Development can help in building tailored telephony

VoIP Development Companies Prefer FreeSWITCH
Top Reasons VoIP Development Companies Prefer FreeSWITCH

  VoIP based communication tools are setting new trends every day. Businesses to VoIP service providers have witnessed how these communication tools are taking the world over by storm due to the exceptional advantages they have to offer. Even if there are several ready to use VoIP telephony solutions available as third party and open-source solutions, some providers prefer to invest in from scratch development of VoIP software. FreeSWITCH Development is the most preferred platform by the providers and is frequently recommended by VoIP development companies.  Along with FreeSWITCH, there are several other technologies available for building diversified communication solutions.

FreeSWITCH Development
FreeSWITCH Development Augments Operations and Customer Service for Call Centers

  The call center industry is on the list of the top 10 fastest growing industry verticals. Call centers offer different services to businesses and customer care is one of the major services offered by call centers. Hundreds of calls are conducted by these businesses every day and in some cases every hour. This massive operational requirement needs the best communication tool that can withhold the stress and load and still offer excellent quality and performance. FreeSWITCH Development can be the technology that has the competence to meet the technology requirement of building this kind of robust solution. How FreeSWITCH

FreeSWITCH Development
Top Reasons to Migrate Your Asterisk Solution to FreeSWITCH

  Asterisk telephony solutions have been in the industry for decades as it was the foundation technology used to build different types of VoIP based communication solutions. Earlier, there were no other options available in terms of technology to use as a base technology to build a SIP telephony solution. However, now, FreeSWITCH development is the most viable solution available to VoIP solution users. In fact, if you are thinking of upgrading your legacy Asterisk solution, then instead of upgrading to the higher version of Asterisk, you must upgrade your system to FreeSWITCH.  Similar to Asterisk, FreeSWITCH is also an

How to Build the Best VoIP Solution With FreeSWITCH Development
How to Build the Best VoIP Solution with FreeSWITCH Development?

VoIP based communication benefits businesses and end users to leverage the advantages of feature rich communication at cheaper rates. Serial entrepreneurs have been investing in this technology to improve their business revenue model. There are several businesses running on top of different VoIP solutions. Using any known VoIP software development technologies, an entrepreneur can get the VoIP system developed to run a business as one of the leading VoIP providers. However, FreeSWITCH development is more popular among all options.  In this blog post, we will explore more about building an IP telephony solution with FreeSWITCH and the best practices and

Is FreeSWITCH Better Than Asterisk
Is FreeSWITCH Better Than Asterisk?

  Businesses that are in the process of switching to the VoIP telephony solution by installing one from scratch or upgrading the existing system, usually have two options to consider: Asterisk and FreeSWITCH. Of course, WebRTC, OpenSIPs, and Kamailio have their own role to play in the VoIP telephony industry, but for the communication needs of end users, Asterisk and FreeSWITCH are common VoIP technologies that provide the base for building a comprehensive communication solution. Before actually investing in Asterisk or FreeSWITCH development services, you may want to explore the similarities and differences between Asterisk and FreeSWITCH. You may also

Why FreeSWITCH Development for Building Telephony Solutions
Why Should You Use FreeSWITCH?

  FreeSWITCH vs. Asterisk has always been a hot topic of debate among VoIP developers. There are so many articles available on this topic that gives details on how these two platforms help a VoIP development company to build a scalable telephony solution. If we give a direct conclusion to this debate, then FreeSWITCH development is much better in building several telephony solutions. We have benefited several businesses with our Asterisk and FreeSWITCH development services and based on our experience, we can claim that it is the best platform and you must consider it for your next project.  Wondering, why