Best Call Center Software 2021
iCallify Features as Best Call Center Software of 2021 by Digital

We are excited to share this amazing news: iCallify, the proprietary call center software developed by our company iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd is featured on digital.com. This intelligent call center software has made its position in the list of top

Automatic Call Distributor: Everything You Need to Know

Telecommunication has been in existence for many decades. With technological inventions, the role and features of telecommunication tools have changed. Right now, in the 21st century, people and businesses have access to the most advanced version of telecommunication solutions. The

Tips for Building Effective Strategy for Call Centers

Call centers invest in the best team of agents and the most advanced intelligent call center software. But, is this enough?  Along with skilled agents and intelligent call center software, call centers also need to make an intelligent strategy to

Major Call Center KPIs that Influence Customer Satisfaction

Customer support centers have been increasing rapidly in the past decade because of the increasing importance of a positive customer experience. To make sure that your customers are happy and receiving a positive experience, you must focus on major KPIs

Which Operations Can Be Automated by IVR with Intelligent Call Center Software?

Automation has revolutionized many industries and enhanced the customer experience remarkably well. When tools and software solutions are entering various industries to introduce automation, how would an intelligent call center software solution of iNextrix stay behind? The intelligent call center

Tips to Increase Customer Loyalty in Call Centers

The call center works on multiple KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) depending on the nature of campaigns the call center handles. One thing is common, which all natured call centers aim for and that is positive customer experience, in other words,

How to Deal with Agent-Shortage-in-Call-Centers
How to Deal with Agent Shortage in Call Centers?

Agent shortage is quite common. It is not that, there is not enough manpower, but getting talented and skilled agents is quite a complicated job. Moreover, there is a challenge to deal with agent rotation. It results in agent shortage

Call Forwarding vs. Call Transfer in Call Centers

The call centers handle a massive number of calls daily. Some of these calls get handled by the automation features available in the intelligent call center software and some of them get handled by the live agents using different features

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