Imperativeness of Omnichannel Call Center Solution

Call center solutions have been inventing innovative features to meet the needs of call centers and businesses. From the traditional solution, which allowed multiple agents to work in parallel to intelligent call center software, which gives an advantage over competitors

How Agents Can Identify Fraud on Inbound Calls?

Call center fraud is nothing new. From 2013 to 2019, a 350% increase is registered in fraud calls. During the pandemic, fraud on inbound calls has increased. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful. One easy thing you can do

Untouched yet Important Features of Intelligent Call Center Software

Intelligent call center software is one of the most advanced call center solutions. It comes up with a wide range of features. Businesses can leverage a plethora of benefits by using this software. In this article, we will share some

What Matters the Most to Customer When Connecting to Call Center?

Nowadays, businesses put all focus on the customer experience. To deliver jaw-dropping customer experience, companies invest in the most skilled and experienced staff as well as tools like an intelligent call center software solution. If you are looking for tips,

Average Handling Time and Tips to Improve AHT

An intelligent call center solution provides various metrics to be monitored. A majority of these metrics could be your KPIs and you, as a call center or a business using the intelligent call center software, would like to improve KPIs.

Why WhatsApp Is the Next Generation Communication Channel?

Communication is the key to correlation; whether it is between a brand and customers, between team members of the same company, or between family members. The lag in communication can hamper the relationship. This is the reason businesses invest in

Major Signs Your Business Need Intelligent Call Center Software
Major Signs Your Business Need Intelligent Call Center Software

Nowadays, a call center solution is used by even a startup or a small business. This has brought a groundbreaking shift in the way business procedures were executed and businesses compete with each other. This has invented competitive solutions such

iCallify: Multi Tenant Call Center Solution Utilities

Call center solutions are commonly available in the market, but what is not available so commonly is a multi tenant call center solution. Our proprietary call center solution, namely, iCallify is known as an intelligent call center software solution. However,

Benefit of Facebook to Call Centers

Call centers have shifted from a business-centric operational approach to a client-centric operational approach. Now, the whole focus is shifted to delivering jaw-dropping customer experience and services. This resulted in various innovations in this segment such as intelligent call center

Tips to Deliver Jaw-dropping Omnichannel Customer Services

In any company, delivering better customer services to delight customers is necessary. Omnichannel customer services often aid businesses in delivering jaw-dropping customer experience. Read on to know a complete guide on this subject. Customer experience often defines higher ROI for