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Call Forwarding vs call transferring
Call Forwarding vs. Call Transfer: How Do These Features Differ?

  Computer telephony integration in other business tools like CRM systems has become common. The major business solutions also provide telephony features incorporated into the software to enhance business communication. Some features like call forwarding, call transfer, etc. are available in multiple communication solutions such as IP PBX solutions, call center solutions, etc. The companies that offer VoIP development services can help you develop these features for your software. Both call forwarding and call transfer are two different features and are often misunderstood or incorrectly used by people. What is Call Forwarding? It is a telephony feature that forwards an

PBX Features
Top 10 PBX Features You Must Have to Run Your Business

  Communication is a fundamental business need. It means the business communication systems and evolution in that industry are essential. Thanks to VoIP telephony and the top VoIP development companies building the best VoIP solutions to empower business communication has converted into a reality from a dream of each business owner. A subtle switch from long wired and hardware telecommunication infrastructure to digitized VoIP based communication is made possible by these top VoIP custom development companies. An IP PBX solution is one of the epic moves in the business communication segment. From hardware PBX to IP PBX and now even

Make Your Business More Profitable With PBX Features in Call Center

Even if the modern-day call center solutions provide all required features, some call centers look for third-party solutions. Moreover, they invest in integrating systems within the call center software. To help you save on this additional software, we have come up with this article. PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is one of the solutions, which is often required by call centers. You can find this single-tenant software solution in the contact center solution. But, a majority of the features of this software are available in cloud call center solutions. Moreover, this software can benefit call centers in multiple ways to increase profit.

Call Center Software
PBX Features to be Looked at While Electing Call Center Software

Call center solution and PBX (Private Branch Exchange) software are two different platforms. Many businesses use both of these solutions separately. However, the best call center software offers features of private branch exchange solutions, also known as a business phone system and class 5 Softswitch software.  If you elect a contact center solution, which possesses all the required features of the class 5 switch, you will not need to buy a separate solution.  1. IVR The cloud IVR solutions automatically attend the calls to remove the need for receptionists. The top contact center solutions have the best IVR solution integrated

Why Is Call Center Software Better Than a PBX Solution?

For professional and cost-effective communication, there are two types of solutions: Call center solution IP PBX solution Often, people get confused between these communication solutions and wonder which one to choose. The intelligent call center software is obviously way better than an IP PBX solution and in this article, we will talk about it in detail. To help you understand what makes intelligent call center software better than an IP PBX solution, we will talk about some of the major aspects. 1. Features The first thing to think about while selecting any communication solution is definitely features. We focus on


PBX is referring to Private Branch eXchange in terms of Telephony. In today's era, PBX is an essential need of any corporate identity. At Inextrix, we are providing PBX systems in form of software to avoid additional hardware cost. With the help of open source PBX systems Asterisk, FreeSWITCH etc we are able to use all PBX features such as call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail, call queue, conference etc without any additional cost. We offer installation and configurations of PBX solutions from scratch. Apart from that, we also offer PBX feature integration with Billing Applications for wholesale customers who need