How is e-commerce being used in the market?

These days, a number of offshore companies are offering e-commerce development services to clients that are willing to get their work done by them. In a way, this is a win-win situation for all. There are some good reasons as to why these companies are in such demand. One of the first and foremost reasons is their capability to provide comprehensive services for their clients. Now, these WordPress ecommerce sites can offer you a whole range of services and some such services may be enumerated as below: E-commerce website development Custom design of online shopping cart Application development E-store search

How eCommerce Website Development Services are indispensable for the success of online Business

Ecommerce stores are very much the in-thing nowadays as more and more people are now choosing to get their favorite products from the comfort of their own homes. Any aspiring entrepreneur looking to open up a new business has a good chance of success if he or she starts an online ecommerce business. However, in order to make an ecommerce business site popular and generate the expected revenue, it is necessary to make use of the right kind of ecommerce solutions. An ecommerce website design and development company can provide the right kind of technical services and support to the

Hire a WordPress design and development company for the best customized business websites

WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems in the world right now. It is easy to use, cost effective and offers a range of features to users that allow them to customize their websites in any way they want. Plenty of startup and small business owners with limited funds choose WordPress when they need to create their own business website as it allows them to have well made sites at cost effective rates. However, it is not only the startups that prefer to use WordPress; even well established business firms choose WordPress when they need to

The distinct advantages of working with Bootstrap

Bootstrap is one of the programs that are most extensively used in the world of web design and web development nowadays. It is an open source front-end framework which can be developed with the effective use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This program has been developed by the Twitter team Jacob Thornton and Mark Otto as a highly flexible development platform that allows developers to work with both fixed, non-flexible functionalities as well as flexible, responsiveness features. More and more people are now choosing Bootstrap due to the distinct benefits that it offers. It is ideal for those who are

YII Framework offers top notch features that facilitate Responsive Web Development

PHP is one of the most widely used, feature-rich web development platforms that are currently used in the world nowadays. It is therefore no wonder that there is going to be a major demand for programmers and developers who can work with the PHP program. A top notch PHP project not only uses the main programming language but also a range of PHP frameworks that allow the developers to get the desired results. Among the PHP frameworks that truly offer a range of state of the art features to the developers to work with, the YII framework certainly deserves mention

Most Important Things to Know About Core PHP Development

PHP can be described as the root of almost any and everything that we see on the internet. It is the base to the superstructure of various frameworks used for the purpose of web development. So, even in cases where a developer wants to use frameworks such as CakePHP, Symfony, or CodeIgnitor it is important that he knows PHP. In case of core PHP development it is required that the developer creates logic from absolutely ground zero and then programs the same by bringing into play the syntax that is provided by the scripting language. In case of frameworks there

The benefits of using CodeIgniter for web development

Web development using CodeIgniter comes as a major boon for developers who have been using PHP so far. The reason why PHP is used is to make your website a dynamic and an engaging one, something truly helps your enterprise become a successful one. The beauty of CodeIgniter lies in the fact that it has plenty of open source frameworks that can help you develop web applications in a short span of time. This could also be one reason as to why web development using CodeIgniter remains such a favourite option for so many developers. MVC CodeIgniter comes in the

Custom form validation in CodeIgniter

In any website the main thing for form is validation. There are many ways for validation but one of most secure way it controller-side validation (server-side). CodeIgniter is having that feature available in-built. There are some basic steps to implement it but it won't have all validation available. So in this blog I will explain how we can add custom validation. Lets take example of I want to compare two dates: For this we need to add function in system/libraries/Form_validation.php. public function greater_than_date($str, $min) { $date1=strtotime($str); $date2=strtotime($min); return $date1 > $date2; }Now, we need to set custom message which need

Installation and Writing a Plugin in WordPress

WordPress Plugin: It is a set of one or more functions, written in the PHP scripting language, that adds a specific set of features to the WordPress. Installing Plugins Automatic Plugin Installation 1. Go to Plugins Menu. Click on Add New. 2. Search plugin name which you want to add in wordpress search plugin box or dounload plugin as a zip and upload it from upload link. 3. Select the WordPress Plugin which you want to install. 4. Click on Install Now button to install the plugin. 5. The resulting installation screen will display the installation is successful or not.