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Uncovering Hidden Advantages of React Native for Cross Platform App Development
Uncovering Hidden Advantages of React Native for Cross Platform App Development

  The market of cross platform app development is booming. Using a single code for different platforms benefits not only businesses that are investing in mobile app development, but it also benefits developers and cross platform app development companies that are building apps. As the market surge is evident, more businesses have started offering hybrid app development services. When investing in this type of business, it is necessary to choose the right development technology. Don’t simply follow what your mobile app development company has to recommend, you must also have done your own research. As per the market trends and

Top Reasons to Hire a Professional React Native Developer
Reasons to Hire a Professional React Native Developer – Things to Keep in Mind

  Most companies are wary of their app’s downtime. It can cause an entire network of operations to be unavailable to consumers. The availability of a cross-platform framework like React has enabled social media and business apps to become more functional and resilient against downtime causes. It is easy to hire a React Native developer to ensure the efficacy of your business app at all times.   React Native Advantages for Business Apps  If you look at some of the business apps available nowadays, it will be easier to understand the advantages of using React Native framework. This open-source platform provides

AngularJS Vs ReactJS
AngularJS vs. React JS

  In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive environment, merely having a business website may not be good enough for your business or brand. You need to have a web app or mobile app to facilitate interaction with customers. Which one is ideal for your app development project? The choice between AngularJS Vs ReactJS development may leave you in a serious fix. From features to performance and compatibility, there is a lot to be considered when making the decision between the two JavaScript frameworks.   AngularJS  AngularJS is an open-source frontend development framework built on JavaScript and HTML. It is a comprehensive

React Native App Development
Top Reasons React Native App Development Is Best for Startup

  React Native is a cross-platform app development framework developed by Facebook. This amazing framework is used by leading companies around the world for building their mobile apps. React Native app development has become increasingly popular amongst mobile app development companies as it allows them to build highly versatile apps for various platforms using a single codebase. From Fortune 500 companies to top startups globally, everyone is looking to hire companies for hybrid app development. Did you know? In a survey conducted in 2020, 42% of developers chose React Native for building mobile apps. Among the top 500 mobile apps in

react native vs flutter
React Native vs. Flutter: Which Is Better?

React Native vs. Flutter: Which Is Better? One of the biggest dilemmas for businesses and brands is the choice between a React Native app development company in India or a Flutter app development company in India. Both Flutter and React Native are mobile app development technologies. Both of them are used by mobile app development companies to build interactive apps for Android and iOS. Since both React Native and Flutter serve the same purpose, i.e. cross platform app development, it is essential to choose the right one for your app development project. What is React Native? React Native is an