SIP Dialer

22 Jan: SIP To Phone: A Smart Solution for Smartphone Users

VoIP technology offers advanced communication functionalities and that can be understood with the SIP example. The mobile SIP dialer is a phone functionality which promotes smooth local and cheap international calling. The mobile SIP dialers are convenient for both iOS and Android platforms.

25 Dec: Top 4 Reasons You Need Call Accounting System

Call accounting system is a really helpful tool for businesses, especially, big companies that have a big staff that use telecom resources on ongoing basis to support business operations. Let me share the top 4 reasons which will prove you need the call accounting system in place for your company.

18 Dec: VoIP Dialer App Empowered Communication of Organizations

VoIP is trending technology. Any company, from startup to MNC, can get benefited from its amazing features. One of other quickly growing businesses in the communication industry is mobile application development. The amalgamation of these 2 extraordinary communication channels has introduced a powerful communication tool, called, VoIP Dialer Application.


14 Nov: Mobile SIP Dialer: Compendious Guide

You must have heard the name of the Mobile SIP Dialer, but might not be much familiar with it. Being one of the best vendors that offer reliable Mobile SIP Dialer, we would like to educate you about this amazing tool that everyone must use. The expert developers have created an app that lets its user use the SIP codec and protocol to make calls. The user can make calls on both, SIP device and PRI lines using this mobile SIP Dialer.