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Top Attributes in a Mobile SIP Dialer

22 Nov: What Are the Top Attributes in a Mobile SIP Dialer?

The mobile SIP dialer is one of the popular applications. It uses SIP-based communication channels and mechanisms to establish, conduct and tear down calls, conference calls, and chat. One of the major reasons behind its popularity is that it offers the cheapest possible communication. Yes, there are many such attributes that make it one of the most used and popular applications. Let’s delve deeper to understand these attributes: 1. Support…

Pros of Using the Mobile SIP Dialer

08 Nov: Pros of Using the Mobile SIP Dialer

VoIP technology is commonly used in all walks of life in today’s world. Even if you are unaware of what a mobile SIP dialer is or how it functions, there are chances that you have already used it somewhere or the other in your life. The mobile SIP dialer has become a revolution in the field of telecommunication globally. What is the mobile SIP dialer? The mobile SIP dialer is…


27 Sep: Important Information about VoIP Phones and Mobile Dialers

VoIP uses Intent Protocol to initiate, make, and release calls. Two well-known facts about VoIP are it is cheaper than traditional communication and provide better quality. Mobile Dialer is also known as Mobile SIP Dialer, SIP Softphone, and Mobile VoIP Dialer. Mobile Dialer is a mobile application that allows you to make and receive calls through your smartphone or mobile device using VoIP technology. It can be said that it…


24 Sep: What is VoIP PC Dialer? And What Are the Benefits of PC Dialer?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is trending nowadays and it seems everyone has dumped the traditional phone system and adopted a smarter alternative communication method which is VoIP. VoIP uses a very unique technology that allows users to make free or cheap calls. The key point that makes VoIP booming is the ability to make calls globally at an efficient and affordable price. SIP Softphone, which comes in the form…


29 Jul: How White Label Mobile SIP Dialer Benefits Support Team?

Mobile SIP dialer is a mobile application that uses internet protocol to provide communication features to its users. Furthermore, a white label mobile SIP dialer app is an app that has the brand elements of the company that uses the same instead of the company that has developed this app. The mobile SIP dialer application is also known as SIP softphone, mobile softphone, and VoIP mobile dialer. It is generally…

Latest Must Know Trends in VoIP and SIP Dialer Segment

12 Mar: Latest Must Know Trends in VoIP and SIP Dialer Segment

Keeping the definition in this article for something simple and of practical concern, VoIP can be defined as the method of transmitting voice packets over the internet protocol network. It not only transmits voice over an internet connection, but all other multimedia, too. You just need to have a stable internet connection. The in-process includes the encapsulation of voice packets at both ends of the receiver and the transmitter or…

25 Dec: Top 4 Reasons You Need Call Accounting System

Call accounting system is a really helpful tool for businesses, especially, big companies that have a big staff that use telecom resources on ongoing basis to support business operations. Let me share the top 4 reasons which will prove you need the call accounting system in place for your company.

18 Dec: VoIP Dialer App Empowered Communication of Organizations

VoIP is trending technology. Any company, from startup to MNC, can get benefited from its amazing features. One of other quickly growing businesses in the communication industry is mobile application development. The amalgamation of these 2 extraordinary communication channels has introduced a powerful communication tool, called, VoIP Dialer Application.