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VoIP Push Notification to Make a Mobile Dialer App Energy Efficient
VoIP Push Notification to Make a Mobile SIP Dialer Apps Energy Efficient

  Mobile SIP dialer apps have redefined business communication. Enterprises use this communication app, not just to reduce business communication costs, but also to add mobility with traceability. Mobile SIP dialer apps help employees to enjoy work life balance as they don’t need to share their personal numbers with customers. On other hand, managers can track how these business communication tools are used by employees to ensure the productive use of business tools and budgets.  Traditionally, the VoIP Softphone is used to keep using CPU resources by keeping the app awake. This was necessary to deliver each message and call to the recipient. However, this

The Best Softphone for Your VoIP Business
The Best Softphone For Your VoIP Business

  The variety and options are available everywhere these days and not just in eCommerce stores. To your surprise, even in the telecom industry, you can find so many options for a single solution, whether you are thinking of buying a fax server solution or a SIP Softphone.  For a single Softphone, you have a variety of options from open source to the third party to custom development. Usually, the feature list appears identical in all available apps, whether it is a mobile SIP dialer or a PC dialer. This further confuses users and providers like you. But, nothing to

VoIP WebRTC Development using SIPJS A Guide to Understanding it
A Compendious Guide on VoIP WebRTC Development Using SIPJS

  The official community of WebRTC developers keeps on inventing new libraries, technology stacks, and more to benefit VoIP development companies, WebRTC development companies, and other VoIP developers to leverage the complete benefit of this web real time communication platform. SIP JS is another fascinating invention that helps developers to blend the capacity of SIP and JavaScript. You can also hire a SIP.js developer to take the advantage of this technology to build sustainable WebRTC solutions.  What is SIP JS?  SIP JS is a powerful JavaScript library to empower WebRTC solutions. This JavaScript library makes it possible to implement a

predictive dialer
Biggest Drivers of Predictive Dialer Market in 2022

The VoIP industry has been growing in leaps and bounds. Along with VoIP service providers, the consumers are also making this market booming by increasing demand and growing acquisitions of different VoIP solutions. There are multiple drivers in the success of different systems and the predictive dialer is one of the booming systems. What is a predictive dialer solution? It can be one of the features available in a full fledged call center software solution or it can be an independent predictive dialer software solution. In any case, it works as one of the auto dialers that automatically dial the

Mobile Dialer in a VoIP Business
Role of Mobile Dialer in a VoIP Business

VoIP tools have been meeting the communication needs of businesses for many years. This way, these tools not only benefit businesses that receive advanced collaboration and communication features at lower rates, but they also benefit the best VoIP service providers to generate revenues. Different providers offer different VoIP solutions and each solution has its unique role in the lives of end users and the service provider. The role of a Mobile Dialer in a VoIP business 1. It provides a revenue generation channel to a VoIP service provider Let’s first examine the business side. In this case, a white-label SIP

7 Important Features That a Good Dialer Must Have

You can find an array of auto-dialers and auto dialing software. Even in the best call center software solutions, you will find auto and manual dialer features. The dialing system with the right feature can help you enhance agent productivity and efficiency. On the contrary, the wrong one can make your growth KPIs drop. Your dialer must have some of the major and most important features to provide you with expected results and returns. 1. Automated dialing It is a common feature, which is usually found in contact center solutions. But, you can also find a manual dialing system in

Progressive Dialer
How Important Is a Progressive Dialer for Call Center Software?

  Contact center solutions offer multiple features to take care of a single job to make sure the highest efficiency can be achieved. Unlike earlier, while an inbound call center solution was used to handle incoming calls and an outbound call center solution was used to handle outgoing calls, now using a single call center solution to handle multiple jobs related to both incoming and outbound campaigns is sufficient. What is a progressive dialer? The progressive dialer is one of the features available in advanced call center solutions. It progresses in a sequential order while retrieving the phone numbers of

contact center solutions
Tools and Features that Help Support Agents in Contact Centers

A majority of contact center inbound campaigns are related to customer care and customer support. In customer support, there can be campaigns for delivering technical customer support. The complexities often increase for a contact center when it runs the technical support campaigns. Along with getting the best inbound call center solution, the support centers also need to get other tools and expert technical support agents. How to find the right support agents is something you would know better than us for sure. But, what must-have tools for contact centers that offer support services are something we know very well. To

call center dialer software
7 Proven Strategies to Improve Call Center Performance with a Dialer System

The call center dialer software can help in improving different key performance indicators. This software is loaded with features to benefit the businesses and call centers that use it. In this article, we will share 7 tried and tested strategies that can improve call performance by using the right dialer system. 1. Use the right routing rules You will find the best call routing system in the best call center software. To improve performance, you must understand this call routing system available in the dialer software and use the right routing rules. It will connect callers with the right agents

Predictive Dialer
Highlights of Quality and Quantity Analysis of Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialer is popular because of its amazing functionality. It can predict in advance when an agent will be available, so it can be ready with a live call to transfer to the agent. Moreover, it can automatically obtain numbers from CRM, database, or inbuilt list and dial multiple numbers in one go to connect with a customer, so the call can be transferred to the agent as soon as he or she shows readiness to take the next call. A dialer can be available as one of the features in the best call center software. Alternatively, you can also