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Predictive Dialer
Why Call Center Software Must Have A Predictive Dialer?

When you look for a call center solution in the market, there are hundreds of options available. All of them would look similar to each other with some minor differences. Moreover, the call center solutions also have different packages to offer. When you are thinking of buying a new call center solution, your first choice has to be an intelligent call center software solution. All call center solutions offer various features. One feature that your software must have is a predictive dialer. The intelligent call center software will have the most advanced predictive dialer as it gets built with the

Difference between Progressive and Predictive Dialers

An intelligent call center software solution offers a wide array of features. In some cases, a single feature has sub-features to offer. In today’s article, we are going to explore sub-features of one of the popular features, called auto dialer. In an intelligent call center solution, you will have multiple automated dialing features at your disposal including the auto dialer itself. In this article, we will explore the two most popular auto dialers: Predictive dialer and Progressive dialer Both of these dialers have their own advantages and disadvantages to offer. Therefore, knowing the similarities and differences between both can help

Use Cases of Preview Dialer

Intelligent call center solutions host the widest array of features. Even if the names suggest features, which you have seen in other call center solutions as well, they are more powerful and beneficial in an intelligent solution. In this article, we are going to talk about one of the most advanced features available in the intelligent call center software, called preview dialer. Of course, the most advanced auto dialer in the intelligent call center solution is the predictive dialer. However, it cannot be used in all campaigns else it may reduce the goal conversion or increase the abandoned rate. Depending

How Predictive Dialers Boost ROI?

Call center solutions have revolutionized in the past decade. Many new features are invented and many innovations are made. Intelligent call center software is the result of these constant innovations and inventions in this industry. It the most advanced call center solution and it is going to rule out the competition in the future as well. An intelligent call center software solution has many features to offer to its users, which can be any of the following: Startup Call centers Customer support centers SMBs MNCs NGOs Profit and non-profit making organizations Enterprises And more Each feature in intelligent call center

Top 3 Tips to Use Mobile SIP Dialer Effectively in Business

Communication is an inevitable need of everyone in both, personal and professional lives. Thus, people look for communication tools that are reliable, easy to use, provide high definition quality of voice, and also reduces the communication cost. In a business scenario, this becomes even more necessary as businesses often look for ways to cut down cost so ROI can be increased. Thus, in businesses, multiple tools and software such as intelligent call center software, video conferencing, PC dialer, mobile SIP dialer, etc. are used. In this article, we will talk about one of these tools. It is most widely used

Use Cases of PC Dialer during the Pandemic

The world is dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic for a while. As the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced the COVID 19 may not fade away so soon. It means we all need to adopt healthy habits to keep ourselves and the people around us safe. There are some businesses that can adopt some very powerful tools to adopt the work from home aka remote work model. This not only minimizes the risk, but it also minimizes the responsibility of businesses to keep team members and customers safe from the Coronavirus. PC dialer is one of those powerful tools,

What Are the Top Attributes in a Mobile SIP Dialer?

The mobile SIP dialer is one of the popular applications. It uses SIP-based communication channels and mechanisms to establish, conduct and tear down calls, conference calls, and chat. One of the major reasons behind its popularity is that it offers the cheapest possible communication. Yes, there are many such attributes that make it one of the most used and popular applications. Let’s delve deeper to understand these attributes: 1. Support remote communication in Real-time The mobile SIP dialer is a Smartphone app that can be installed on any Android or iOS Smartphone. Once installed, it can be used from anywhere,

Pros of Using the Mobile SIP Dialer

VoIP technology is commonly used in all walks of life in today's world. Even if you are unaware of what a mobile SIP dialer is or how it functions, there are chances that you have already used it somewhere or the other in your life. The mobile SIP dialer has become a revolution in the field of telecommunication globally. What is the mobile SIP dialer? The mobile SIP dialer is an app developed for Android and iPhone users which enables them to make voice calls globally using an internet connection. Because of its simplicity, wide access and uninterrupted communication, it

Important Information about VoIP Phones and Mobile Dialers

VoIP uses Intent Protocol to initiate, make, and release calls. Two well-known facts about VoIP are it is cheaper than traditional communication and provide better quality. Mobile Dialer is also known as Mobile SIP Dialer, SIP Softphone, and Mobile VoIP Dialer. Mobile Dialer is a mobile application that allows you to make and receive calls through your smartphone or mobile device using VoIP technology. It can be said that it is a mobile version of a softphone. VoIP phones or mobile dialers are very popular in the world today. As the user base of VoIP technology has grown dramatically, the

What is VoIP PC Dialer? And What Are the Benefits of PC Dialer?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is trending nowadays and it seems everyone has dumped the traditional phone system and adopted a smarter alternative communication method which is VoIP. VoIP uses a very unique technology that allows users to make free or cheap calls. The key point that makes VoIP booming is the ability to make calls globally at an efficient and affordable price. SIP Softphone, which comes in the form of a mobile application and is installed on a Smartphone having Android or iOS, is called a mobile SIP dialer. In the same way, PC Dialer is a SIP Softphone