How to Measure and Improve Call Center Productivity?

Productivity not only defines the excellent performance of the team, but also defines better returns. The productive team utilizes the time and other resources at their best so they can deliver maximum output and let your call center receive higher

Why Join Our Partnership Program?

We, iNextrix Technologies, have launched our partnership program. You can join our partnership program at ease. If you are ready to join our partnership program, simply contact us, and our representative will discuss more details with you in person. If

Tips for Providing Effective Feedback to Call Center Agents

It is entirely necessary to provide feedback to call center agents to maintain and improve quality facilities. Proper encouragement or criticism can dramatically change agent performance for both field staff and remote agents. But knowing how to provide feedback can

High Availability Solutions and Its Vitality

First of all, let’s understand the concept of High Availability (HA) solutions. The HA solution is actually a way of setting up your network and system for any of the unified communication or VoIP software. It can be an intelligent

Why Live Call Monitoring Solution Is Vital for SMBs?

Small businesses, aka SMBs, deal with a lot many things. They thrive to invest in better resources, but usually, have to limit themselves because of the lack of enough funds. Does it mean a small business owner should rely only

Call Center Solution

The key to success for any call center is high quality call quality and personalized customer service. We can help you to empower your call center and agents with an advanced contact center solution. We have developed the best call

Conferencing Solution

Communication with various business entities is an indispensable aspect of any business. The modern business world has crossed the geographical boundaries and your team need to collaborate with different customers, prospects, vendors as well as team members working from different

Save battery life by backgrounding VoIP calls using CallKit in iOS

Voice over Internet Protocol facilitate smartphone users to have audio and video calls over internet connection (Wifi / 3G / 4G). Nowadays, almost every communication app is enabled with this functionality. As VOIP apps are heavily relies on internet connection,

Call Accounting System

Communication is an integral part of any business, but it is often one of the taken for granted or misused assets of the company. To assure your telecommunication infrastructure is used only for productive conversations and to control your telecommunication

DID Numbering Solution

DID (Direct Inward Dialing) is part of almost all different VoIP service business such as, VoIP phone services, IP PBX services, etc. As a DID service provider you might be facing challenges to manage DID numbers and related details as