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Make a Contribution in ASTPP Crowdfunding Campaign

ASTPP is a leading open source VoIP Billing solution which has the most proactive community among all open source solutions. This VoIP billing software is used by the 10,000+ businesses all across the globe and it is receiving 250 new users every month. We are proud to say that we, Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd., are the official maintainer of this open source VoIP Billing Solution. We have been in-charge of this solution since 2013. We adopted this solution when it was in almost dead stage and by making huge transformations in the code and technology; we have brought this solution

Conferencing Solution

Communication with various business entities is an indispensable aspect of any business. The modern business world has crossed the geographical boundaries and your team need to collaborate with different customers, prospects, vendors as well as team members working from different nooks and corners of the world. To keep your business communication ongoing, you need a reliable collaboration platform so the business conversations can be taken care of in real time, regardless of time and location. We have developed a robust conferencing solution with never seen before features to empower the communication and collaboration needs of your business. This solution is


What a Sensational Saturday it was !!! “Nothing can give you happiness more than sweet innocent smile of little children” and this is what we achieved today. Spending few hours with such children, cutting cake with them, feeding them meal, giving chocolates and gifts was an magnificent experience for all Inextrix family members. It really sent us back to our childhood memories by getting involved in such activity. We are glad enough to be a part of this wonderful event. Thanks to all members of Inextrix family for your overwhelming contribution and support.

Video Testimonial of Client

Received a Video Testimonial from our valuable client Mr. Isaac Olapade appreciating our products & services. Thank you very much Mr.Isaac Olapade for sharing your feedback.

The process of Finding and Hiring the Best Qualified Candidates

Recruitment is process consisting of various activities, through which search of prospective personnel - both in quantity and quality - as indicated by human resource planning and job description and job specification is made. This process includes recruitment planning, identifications of recruitment sources, contacting those sources, and receiving applications from prospective employees. The applications are, then, passed on to selection process as shown in below figure. 1. Recruitment Planning : Recruitment process starts with its planning which involves the determination of number of applicants and type of applicants to be contacted. Number of Contacts : Organizations, generally, decide to attract

Prevent App crashing in Android using ACRA

One truth for developing a mobile application is: there are so many constraints, for example, a hardware limitation (CPU, RAM, Battery, etc) which cause application crashing specifically in android application development. In any android app development, If your code design is not good enough then get ready for the most critical problem on earth: "Crash". According to a study, Application Crashing is the most complained problem from mobile app user. and furthermore, if an application crashes more than 3 times in a row, about half of users will remove it from their phone. To overcome this issue,We need to setup

Sell your products easily with “In App Purchase” option

M-Commerce applications are getting familiar to almost all of us day by day. It has been a part of our regular schedule or life. All apps are using different different kind of ways to implement purchase of any kind of products. Basically In App purchase payment method is used for iOS apps, though It can be used with other mobile platforms as well. Flexibility provided by In App Purchase is that, you can easily change the prices of your products even if app is already at market place. In app purchase gives users flexibility to buy any product within the

Most Common Web Vulnerable SQL Injection Attack

What is Vulnerability? -In computer security, vulnerability is a major weakness which allow to attacker to get your system data and harm to your system. -To exploit a vulnerability, an attacker must have at least one applicable tool or technique that can connect to a system weakness. Examples of vulnerabilities :- SQL injection Cross-site request forgery in web applications Buffer overflows and over-reads E-mail injection and many more. Description:- SQL Injection is a security vulnerability that enables an assailant to change back-end SQL statements by manipulating the user supplied data. Injection occurs when the user input and sent to an

Custom form validation in CodeIgniter

In any website the main thing for form is validation. There are many ways for validation but one of most secure way it controller-side validation (server-side). CodeIgniter is having that feature available in-built. There are some basic steps to implement it but it won't have all validation available. So in this blog I will explain how we can add custom validation. Lets take example of I want to compare two dates: For this we need to add function in system/libraries/Form_validation.php. public function greater_than_date($str, $min) { $date1=strtotime($str); $date2=strtotime($min); return $date1 > $date2; }Now, we need to set custom message which need

Scope of HRM

The scope of HRM is indeed extensive. All major activities in the working life of an employee, from the time of his or her entry into an industry until he or she leaves, come under the purview of HRM, Specifically, the activities included are – HR planning, orientation and placement, job analysis and design, recruitment and selection, training and development, employee and executive remuneration, performance appraisal and job evaluation, motivation and communication, safety and health, welfare, industrial relations (IR) and the like. They can be summarized as follows: 1) Procurement : It includes recruitment and selection of right of personnel