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VoIP Staff Augmentation Top 5 Advantages for Businesses
VoIP Staff Augmentation at Core and Its Major Advantages

  Competition and customer demand are increasing in the market. Thus, ROI (Returns over Investment) models are compressing, and the necessity to save money is increasing in businesses. However, there is no option to compromise over quality to sustain in the market. This requires businesses to invest in the top technology that gives high quality services at lower rates. Communication is a fundamental business need. It is one of the areas in which businesses look for the best quality of service without stretching their budget for communication and collaboration. Custom VoIP software development or a hire a VoIP developer model

How to Leverage the Power of VoIP and Mobile
How to Leverage the Power of VoIP and Mobile?

  Reliable employee collaboration and extended customer reach are vital for a successful business. This can contribute to highly efficient business processes, improved productivity, increased sales, higher profit, and expanding business. Companies use various tools and technologies to meet this need of being available for communication at any time a customer needs or an employee needs. A leading VoIP development company offers various business communication tools along with custom VoIP development services to build a tailored telephony system for your business.  Amalgamating the power of mobile with VoIP helps in producing the best communication and collaboration tools for businesses. We

Least Cost Routing
Least Cost Routing: Know This Crucial Feature

  VoIP based solutions have several features built for various communication and collaboration solutions. Some of them have been long used and appreciated features like least cost routing. The VoIP development company builds an LCR (Least Cost Routing) feature, which can be added to different VoIP solutions like a class 4 Softswitch solution, call routing software, etc.  What is least cost routing? It is a call routing rule available in the VoIP software solutions like a wholesale Softswitch. Technically, it is the process of analysis, selection, and routing of the call. It routes calls based on the call termination rate,

telephony industry
Why Is Automation Necessary in the Telephony Industry?

Communication is an inseparable part of lives in both personal and professional aspects. Thus, the demand for more reliable, quality acquainted, and cheap communication solutions is increasing. The number of VoIP development companies that provide telephony and unified communication solutions to grow the telephony industry is also increasing. VoIP open source development companies to third party software developers have started building advanced features and automation is one of the integral parts of these communication solutions. Whether we talk about a live call monitoring solution, mobile SIP dialer, or open source VoIP billing software, automation in jobs will be made available

Illegal VoIP
What Is Illegal VoIP? Why Should You Care?

VoIP has been the talk of the town since it started being an integral part of businesses. There are many perks of this technology as per the best VoIP development companies. Similar to any other technological invention, VoIP has both upsides and downsides. The downside of VoIP-based technologies is illegal VoIP. VoIP based solutions can provide call recording, but as it does not use a public switched network and as these solutions use DID numbering solution the calls going through VoIP platforms cannot be traced. Thus, many people use this technology and various platforms built by VoIP development experts can

VoIP Services
Major VoIP Services Offered by Top VoIP Development Company

VoIP development has become common in businesses. Many enterprises prefer to use their owned VoIP-based communication solution to have complete control and a secure operational environment. On the other hand, the VoIP service providers use this software to remove vendor dependencies and run a successful VoIP business. To meet the development and other needs of these companies, the top VoIP development companies like Inextrix Technologies provide the best technical VoIP services. The top VoIP development company provides a whole gamut of services to meet the business or market needs of companies. In this article, let us share the top services

VoIP Development
How Can Partnering with VoIP Development Company Benefit Your ITSP Business?

ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) businesses are flourishing due to the increasing popularity of VoIP-based communication among consumers and businesses. Many ITSPs use the Best VoIP Solution to run and thrive their business. VoIP development companies can benefit in multiple other ways than just providing the VoIP software. In fact, an ITSP must partner with a top VoIP development company to leverage multiple advantages. 1. Get a consultation A VoIP open source development or software development company will have rich experience in not only developing different VoIP solutions, but also in researching the market, identifying the most popular features, enhancing

VoIP Technology Holds Great Potential for Call Center Operations

Call center solutions are VoIP technology-driven communication solutions. Whether used as omnichannel customer service software or as an outbound call center software solution to run sales campaigns, VoIP technologies make the cost of operations lower and operational potential and efficiency higher. VoIP development company uses the top VoIP technologies to develop the best contact center software that holds great potential for call center operations. Let’s explore more in detail. 1. Excellent communication feature A majority of VoIP technologies provide excellent communication features. Whether you use Asterisk or FreeSWITCH, you will receive the top PBX multi-tenant features. The call center software

Mobile Dialer in a VoIP Business
Role of Mobile Dialer in a VoIP Business

VoIP tools have been meeting the communication needs of businesses for many years. This way, these tools not only benefit businesses that receive advanced collaboration and communication features at lower rates, but they also benefit the best VoIP service providers to generate revenues. Different providers offer different VoIP solutions and each solution has its unique role in the lives of end users and the service provider. The role of a Mobile Dialer in a VoIP business 1. It provides a revenue generation channel to a VoIP service provider Let’s first examine the business side. In this case, a white-label SIP

5 Success Methods for Choosing OpenSIPs

OpenSIPS consulting providers often recommend this platform for multiple reasons. This platform can be used to meet multiple requirements of a VoIP service provider or a VoIP business owner. There are 5 success methods that can help you leverage maximum returns for choosing OpenSIPs. 1. Connect with the right OpenSIPs consulting firm You can handle OpenSIPs install the part on your own if you know how to use this platform more precisely. You need to know how to use this platform at its best. If you don’t know that, let the experts do the job. From OpenSIPs install to the