Compendious Guide to Choose Best Call Center Solution

Customers are the key entity for any business. Thus, the core requirement of any business is to resolve the concerns of customers in real time. If you don't address their issues, they might move to your competitors. As the clientele

This Holiday Season Greet Your Customers and Staff In a Personalized Way

The holiday season has started. Christmas just waved goodbye and soon 2016 will go by leaving its memories behind. Make sure to add your memory by wishing happy holiday season to your customers and staff. How? With traditional tools? No,

Top 6 Secrets Unveiled to Deliver The Best Customer Engagement

Svane shared one of the most heard advices for better marriage life which is, “don’t stop working at making the relationship better, and don’t ever take the other person for granted”. Well, there is no difference between learning how to

Mobile SIP Dialer: Compendious Guide

You must have heard the name of the Mobile SIP Dialer, but might not be much familiar with it. Being one of the best vendors that offer reliable Mobile SIP Dialer, we would like to educate you about this amazing

Why Your Business Needs Conferencing Solution?

Whether you are a small business or a multinational company with dispersed offices all across the world, you need a reliable solution to meet communication and collaboration need of your company. On a daily basis, the company needs to provide

Start Your Own Call Center or Create a New Revenue Generation Channel

Once upon a time, the call center solution was used by only BPOs and KPOs. However, the time is changed and so does the usage of the call center solution. The growing companies and serial entrepreneurs use the call center

Why Mobile Dialer is Important for Your Business?

The VoIP uses intent protocols to initiate, conduct and tear down the calls. Two very well known facts related to VoIP are 1. It is cheaper than traditional communication 2. It provides better quality. The mobile dialer, which is also

How to Choose the Best Call Center Software?

Call center industry is one of those rare industries which are ever growing. It is hard to see a major downfall in the call center industry. In fact, with the changing time in which customers have become more demanding and

Asterisk Live Call Monitor v2.1 released with Multi-language support

After seeing overwhelming response to previous release(v2.0) of Asterisk Live Call Monitor and your suggestions to add support of other languages, we are now officially announcing new version release v2.1 with major 12 language support.What's new?  Fixed bugs from previous

Why you need Integrated billing system for call center solution?

Ideally call center solutions does not come with the billing module. Billing module can help admin to cross check minutes used by their agents. Also in case of fraud billing or overcharged by the VoIP provider, this can be helpful