OpenSIPs installation with PostgreSQL on Debian

What is Opensips? - OpenSIPS is an opensource software implementation of the Session Initiation Protocol for Voice over IP that can be used to handle voice, text and video communication. - OpenSIPS is a multi-functional, multi-purpose signaling SIP server that

Start your VoIP calling card business using ASTPP

You’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur but were perhaps held back because of lack of technical knowhow. Well, here is your chance to set up a VoIP calling card business. This article gives you detailed steps on how to

The Benefits of VoIP Application Use

Voice over science, or VoIP, is AN rising technology that enables you to use your broadband net affiliation to position and receive voice or video-phone calls. Internet-based calls area unit less costly than ancient calls (sometimes they’re even free), and

Why Voip is so cheap?

In the earlier days of the web communication was restricted to writing text on a screen. Then with the appearance of Instant electronic messaging and chat rooms, communication became additional period, although still solely text was the most venue used.