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WebRTC Make VoIP service more attractive
WebRTC Makes VoIP Service More Attractive: Know How

The world telephony industry has been booming since the top VoIP development companies started offering reliable and cheap communication solutions with high uptime and low hassle. There are so many amazing VoIP based telephony systems available in the market. Different VoIP technologies get used to building different types of telephony solutions. The WebRTC development company helps in building world class telecommunication solutions to benefit its users. VoIP service providers can make VoIP services even more attractive with different WebRTC solutions such as: Web phone WebRTC client solution Web conferencing solution Webcasting solution Screen sharing solution Real time telephony solution And

WebRTC in Contact Center
Role of WebRTC in Contact Center to Improve Work Efficiency

The VoIP industry is made of multiple technologies that have been used in developing business-centric VoIP calling software. In a contact center, the usage of call center dialer software is quite popular. Ideally, the best call center software gets developed, whether it is an open-source or proprietary call center solution, using either Asterisk or FreeSWITCH. But, do you know WebRTC in Contact Center can also play a major role in improving the work efficiency of agents by getting integrated into the call center software? Usually, WebRTC can be used as a webphone or a WebRTC client in a contact center.