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FreeSWITCH Development
Taking a Deeper Dive into FreeSWITCH: Unveiling Its True Power

SIP communication solutions are gaining immense popularity among business users and even local consumers. The easy and cheaper access to the high bandwidth internet, communication apps, and several other advantages are making VoIP-based communication solutions the first choice of businesses. These businesses can use these IP telephony solutions for their own business or to serve the communication needs of local users. Even VoIP service providers are identifying the best business opportunities in this market sphere because it is becoming a billion-dollar industry. According to Fact Mr, the global IP telephony market was valued at 49.40 billion USD in 2022, and

multi-tenant IP PBX
Why Is Multi-tenant IP PBX Future of the Telecommunication Industry?

  The telecommunication industry has gone through several ground-breaking changes and shifts. The golden era of this industry started with the invention of SIP based communication. It drastically changed the world of communication with different innovations and cheaper access to long distance calling. The addition of multimedia and rich communication features shifted the whole ecosystem. The discovery of multi-tenant IP PBX has made the impossible possible with its amazing features. In fact, the top development companies and industry experts are predicting that this software is defining the future of the telecommunication industry.  If you are wondering why a multi-tenant IP