ViciDial Theme
Top 5 Benefits of Using VICIDial Theme

VICIDial is one of the most popular call center solutions. It has received global recognition. It is an open-source call center solution, which makes it a more affordable option for many businesses. It is a perfect platform to attend inbound and outbound calls in any contact center. What is missing in this software for contact centers is advanced features and a pleasant VICIDial theme. There are multiple benefits of using a custom theme for this call center software. 1. Your logo and brand elements By default, this contact center solution will have the logo of the VICIDial platform. With a

Why Choose a New Skin for Your VICIDial Web UI?

VICIDial is one of the most popular call center solutions. Being an open-source call center software solution, it has multiple benefits to offer such as source code access, completely free software, etc. On the other hand, it does not have all the capabilities that third-party cloud contact center solutions offer. Thus, many businesses invest in VICIDial customization after VICIDial setup. Whether you invest in developing missing features in this call center dialer software or not, you must change VICIDial skin. There are multiple reasons to do so, let us share the major ones. 1. Attractive user interface Being open source,

WebRTC in Contact Center
Role of WebRTC in Contact Center to Improve Work Efficiency

The VoIP industry is made of multiple technologies that have been used in developing business-centric VoIP calling software. In a contact center, the usage of call center dialer software is quite popular. Ideally, the best call center software gets developed, whether it is an open-source or proprietary call center solution, using either Asterisk or FreeSWITCH. But, do you know WebRTC in Contact Center can also play a major role in improving the work efficiency of agents by getting integrated into the call center software? Usually, WebRTC can be used as a webphone or a WebRTC client in a contact center.

VICIdial skins
Enhance your call center performance by using custom VICIdial skin

What is VICIdial? VICIdial is the most popular Open-Source Contact Center Solution in the world. A lot of organizations and businesses are using VICIdial skin. What is VICIdial skins customization? Skin customization is basically applying an attractive UI to existing VICIdial portals intended to run more efficiently with improved user experience, and that too without affecting any existing features of VICIdial. What are main benefits of using custom VICIdial skins? Attractive UI Secure and Stable Full source code available Branded with your logo and business name Lightweight and good in performance All features of VICIdial covered Easy to deploy How

Easy steps to integrate WebRTC with Vicidial

What is WebRTC? WebRTC is an open source solution which provides facility to its users to use web browser as SIP client without using any softphone or IP phone. Why to use WebRTC with Vicidial? Now a days, people wants all functions to be operated in single software which they require. In traditional vicidial, agent need to use softphone or IP phone to talk with their customer and also web browser to control calling, view customer information etc. That is quite complex for the agent. By using this, we can reduce that overhead by converting web browser itself into SIP