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Key Features of SIP.js for WebRTC Application Development
Key Features of SIP.js for WebRTC Application Development

Since 2011, when WebRTC was announced for the first time, its popularity has been growing day and night. This technology has made it possible to build real-time communication applications using browser technology, which was impossible without using third-party plug-ins earlier. However, with WebRTC-based apps, you don’t need to use any third-party plug-in or support to establish real-time communication via web browsers. Simply put, WebRTC application development has made it possible to connect with peers across the world in real-time and that also using a web page or a web app. As WebRTC is growing in popularity, several other technologies are

WebRTC Development
Future of WebRTC Development in 2023 and Beyond

  WebRTC is one of the most popular technologies among VoIP development companies that build innovative products or want to introduce real time voice and video apps. Utilities of apps and solutions built with custom WebRTC development services are enormous and there are several industry verticals augmenting their business models using real time communication. Since the inception of this VoIP technology, several advancements have been made in this technology. Moreover, other platforms, frameworks, and solutions are tailored to meet the custom needs of businesses. For example, the number of WebRTC enabled browsers has increased in the past few years. In