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Sadbhav improved productivity and efficiency with our custom web solution!

Sadbhav Engineering Limited (SEL) is a leading infrastructure company in India. It has been in operation since 1988. It is involved in major projects such as 2200 Kilometers long national and state highway construction, Sardar Sarovar, and many as such big projects in India. The company is listed in NSE and BSE and has worked with really big names in India such as NHAI, DMRC, Coal India, Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam, GHCL, L&T, GIPCL, and the list go on. This company caters into areas like the construction of highways, roads, etc. as well as it is involved in the business of mining, metro and irrigation.

The company has its own skilled team to take care of business operations. It also has high quality equipment to perform the job. On the other hand, the company uses third party contractors and supplier for the need of services and material. The company has ERP software to take care of the whole operation once the purchase order is made. However, the company didn’t have any software to take care of the process before awarding the order to the material seller. The staff of Sadbhav had to use a manual system to inform everyone about new orders, compare the quotations and choose one or more sellers for the project, and add details of the quotation and suppliers in the system. As one can imagine, the manual operations were making the whole process tedious, time consuming and ultimately slow. Sadbhav Engineering Ltd was looking for a custom solution that can take care of the whole pre-order process as well as it can get integrated with its existing ERP solution so they can use it as it is.Inextrix built a tailored solution for Sadbhav Engineering Ltd and provided it to the company which removed manual work up to 97% and brought many more benefits for this leading infrastructure company.


Sadbhav, being one of the popular infrastructure companies, deals with a lot of construction, mining, irrigation, and similar projects. The company used to use its own software to manage all quotations, tenders and other details of the suppliers. Every time there is a new project, the Sadbhav team asks for quotations from different suppliers for the items needed for the project such as cement, Steel, construction chemicals, equipment spare parts etc. The suppliers send their quotations and other information related to the project via email or manual posts. The team Sadbhav had to do manual data entry into the software they possess. Also, the comparison of the quotations and other relevant actions were also carried out manually. The company has skilled staff to take care of all these tasks, but all these processes usually consumed a lot of time of skilled members which must be used for more productive tasks.

Limited features

No features available to get digital entries of the quotation from suppliers

No features available to automatically compare quotations

Too much of manual work

Sadbhav was seeking for the solution that can take care of the first phase of the project, which is collecting quotations from the suppliers and comparing all of them. Also, Sadbhav wanted to make sure even if it uses the new solution, they don’t need to stop using their existing SAP ERP solution which is used to manage a very important part of the business.


After initial level discussion with the team Sadbhav, our team proposed a custom software development. The final software should provide the following functional capabilities:

Receive all digital entries from suppliers based on the project

Make a comparison of the received quotations and highlight the highest and lowest pricing

Choose to provide full or partial order to one or more supplier that send their entries

Use their existing systems for the Purchase Order (PO) generation and taking care of the rest of the predefined operations.

Creating users for the staff and defining roles and responsibilities for them so they can take care of delegated tasks

Synchronize data between the existing SAP system of Sadbhav and newly developed system

Synchronize data between the existing SAP system of Sadbhav and newly developed system

Key Features Offered

The complete system is a GUI based solution that is easy to use by any user. Also, it can be accessed remotely.


The whole system is built using GUI elements to provide an easy to use solution. It is a web based system that connects Sadbhav teams related to purchase and quotation selection. Sadbhav has the flexibility to award the order to more than one supplier to receive more than one item required for the project at hand.


The solution has three different entities and each entity has its own set of features:


It is the main account that’s can handle and manage all processes. It can also create subaccounts (called purchaser) with all or limited access to the system.

Key Features Available to Admin:

Indent management

Inquiry management

Item management

Quotation management

Quotation comparison

Supplier profile management

Legal documentation management

PO generation

Subaccount management

Roles and permission management

Purchaser management

PO generation

Data synchronization between SAP and Portal


And more


It is a subaccount of Sadbhav team members. It may have all or predefined features available to the admin user.


This account is the account of the seller that supplies material to Sadbhav Engineering.

Key Features Available to Supplier:

Profile Management

Portfolio Management

Inquiry Management

Quotation management

Feedback Submission

Order Tacking

Order Reports

Notification of different events via SMS or Email

And more


We developed a customized web solution for Sadbhav to meet its requirements. The developed solution is also integrated with its existing SAP based solution to synchronize processes and data. To provide the best solution, we followed a step-wise approach as mentioned below:

Collected information from Team Sadbhav to understand requirements

Created a scope of work document with detailed explanation of features

Discussion to freeze the scope of work for the development

Custom web based solution development for Sadbhav

Integration of RFC for synchronization of processes between new and existing solutions

Performed software testing and quality assurance processes

Setup the solution on Sadbhav’s cloud

Provided training for the best use of the solution




Sadbhav Engineering Ltd (SEL) received the solution which filled in the gap for the company and helped it leverage many benefits:

Automated process to notify all suppliers about new project requirements

Automated process to compare quotations and find the best and the worst entry

Synchronized existing system to manage data accuracy in both systems

Reduced efforts and time in processing quotations

Increased accuracy and efficiency

99.99% uptime of the system

Increased productivity

Increased resource utilization

Increased ROI

Sadbhav took benefit of automization in whole pre-order process. Thus, it could use its resources in a more productive manner. The ultimate results are better and accelerated operations and improved ROI.


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