Manual to Use WhatsApp as a Customer Service Channel In Call Center

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    WhatsApp is an extremely popular platform for communication among end-users. The businesses used to use this platform at an individual level to provide the required support via WhatsApp until 2018 because till then, there was no provision for business accounts in WhatsApp. In 2018, WhatsApp business numbers were launched. This provision was launched to cater to businesses with some advanced and useful communication and collaboration features. The WhatsApp business number also offers APIs of WhatsApp, so it can be integrated into any platform such as an intelligent call center software solution or a website.
    Benefits of Using WhatsApp Business as a Customer Service Channel
    For customers:
    Better reach



    Conversation history

    For Call Centers:
    Reduced call waiting time

    Reduced call hold and abandoned ratio

    Use of rich communication to engage customers

    Improved customer delight

    Better resource utilization and increased productivity

    Positive brand reputation

    Increased ROI

    Top Ways to Use WhatsApp as a Customer Service Channel

    Add WhatsApp button

    Add WhatsApp into call center solution

    Manual to Use WhatsApp as a Customer Service Channel
    Create an action plan of using WhatsApp as a communication channel

    Train agents to use WhatsApp to provide customer support

    Spread the word about the availability of WhatsApp as a customer service channel

    Uniformity is a must

    Don’t overdo WhatsApp messaging

    Analyze the WhatsApp conversations

    Collect feedback

    Fine-tune the action plan