Omnichannel Intelligent Call Center Software

To Drive Success for Your Business

The increasing importance of excellent customer experience has motivated many industries to use call center software. The growing demands of customers and shortage of skilled team members have made it necessary for businesses to get the best call center solution. Call center solutions have gone through revolutionary changes in the past few years. Therefore, knowing more about the trending call center software and all important facts related to it becomes necessary for the businesses.

Mr. Arpit Modi, Co-founder and Director of Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is going to conduct a webinar on the topic of “Omnichannel Intelligent Call Center Software to Drive Success for your Business”. In this webinar, Arpit will share fundamental, but often missed and unknown, facts of call center solutions. He will shed light on the necessity of having not only a call center solution, but the best intelligent call center software in the 21st century.

Arpit will walk the participants through a complete informative session, which will let them understand the most advanced type of call center software along with its crucial features and awesome benefits. He will benefit the participants with his rich knowledge by sharing major tips on how to hunt and get an omnichannel intelligent call center software solution that reaps excellent returns. He will also share tips and tricks related to this software and its role in the business, which can help businesses drive success for their businesses. The webinar will be concluded with a quick brief of one of the best and the most advanced intelligent omnichannel call center software, called iCallify.

Topics to Be Covered in the Webinar:

  • Brief introduction of host Arpit Modi, Co-founder and Director of Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Brief introduction of Inextrix and its vision
  • Importance of a call center software in a business
  • Brief introduction of intelligent call center software
  • Brief information on omnichannel intelligent call center software
  • Key features of Intelligent call center software
  • Major benefits of using omnichannel Intelligent call center software
  • Things to keep in mind while selecting intelligent call center software
  • Tips to drive success for your business using this software
  • Introduction of iCallify
  • Q&A

Top Reasons to Attend this Webinar:

  • To learn about the role of a call center solution in your business
  • To explore how this single software can boost the success of your business
  • To explore must have features in your call center software in 2021
  • To identify areas of improvement using this software to double the revenues
  • To get a secret guide on selecting the right call center software without any hassle
  • To ask your questions to a successful businessman and a call center software user.
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