Development Methodology | IT project Model

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Our Methodology

Our Methodology

Requirement Gathering

The first phase is to gather the accurate requirement for perfect execution. The project manager is having responsibility to first clarify the requirement from initial basis which includes questions as mentioned below:

What is the overall purpose behind the task to brainstorm from starting stage?

Which is most suitable technology to develop in?

What are all the features to include?

And same as many more questionaries which can avoid misunderstanding once and to find a particular path to shape the complete task.

Analysis and Design

Once requirement is on table, Our methodology is to do complete analysis to know the feasibility of task which allows us to give right commitment to any clients. In Design phase, We prefer to draw a work flowchart which allows us to move sustainable on right direction and proper utilization of resources.


Based on received work flowchart, The work seggregate depending upon the task module in team and coding to start. This is the longest phase of the overall software development life cycle and complete engeneering. It’s not ended here until not cross verify internally to make sure the coding structure built in right direction and matched with requirement what discussed.


Testing is important part of any development through which we can make sure our work quality tested by QA. During Testing phase all types of functional testing like; integration testing, unit testing, acceptance testing, system testing are done as well as non-functional testing too. Testing to match with initial requirement and the task performed same without any difference then it’s positive.


After testing stage completed, There is only deployment part remaining which is the final and last stage to perform on Test/production server. Last but not least, We prefer to inform our valuable clients to check the overall services what discussed. And if any bugs or query arise then needs to resolve by our development team and further support.