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Augmented Reality Development Services

Augmented Reality Development Services

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AR Development Services

Transform your business digitally with the best AR (Augmented Reality) services!

Augmented Reality (AR) solutions are overcoming limitations of a physical world by developing highly interactive applications. The AR solutions create a realistic model of the virtual world that engages users of AR applications from the very first interaction and clutch them to use it more. It provides a highly impressive way to convey a message, pass information and encourage your customers to take action. From manufacturing to shopping to healthcare to gaming, almost every industry is moving towards complete digitization using the AR solution development. This is the time to adopt this highly appreciated technology and get a competitive edge.

Inextrix Technologies strives to benefit its customers with its creativity and expertise in AR technologies. We have experienced AR development experts that have smooth hands in the latest augmented reality development technologies, including,

Microsoft HoloLens








Cross platform AR

Glass and Android-based devices

Inextrix Technologies, being one of the leading and trusted AR (Augmented Reality) development companies cater to all different types of AR solution requirements. Our AR solution development experts are capable to cater to customers with the following services:

AR gaming

AR for eCommerce

Location-based AR

Simulation and training

Markerless AR

Marker rich AR

Full cycle AR solution development

Industries Catered:
With our augmented reality application development services, we benefit all different industry verticals:

The virtual supermarket app can be developed to show 3D catalog, virtual trial room, interactive kiosk and window shopping assisted with augmented reality based assistance.

Build a tourism app based on the location. We can also build AR based applications for virtual historical trips, field trips, and other virtual trips.

Create a virtual hospitality experience with the AR based hospitality application development.

Increase customer interest, interaction, and purchase by amalgamating augmented reality based commercials and ads focused on visual merits and loads of functions.

Create an enthralling experience for readers by adding visual elements and AR elements in the reading applications.

Create a whole playground or battleground for the gamers and players with the AR game application development.

Gain a competitive edge by getting AR application development for your restaurant and café. From simple scanning of the product to reveal nutritional facts, recipe and special offers related to that product to some advanced functionalities can be developed with expert augmented reality app development.

Increase more purchase of your real estate properties by showcasing virtual home demos, interior and architectural design and construction of the property.

The augmented reality solution allows developing applications to treat phobias, to simulate equipment, demonstrate simulative surgeries and provide physical therapy training.

Simulate active learning with our expert augmented reality app development services for your educational institute. With an AR app, you can make training more fun. The AR app for education can be used to give guest lectures, tutorials and trainings, field trips and other engaging educational sessions.
With our full cycle, frontend and backend, AR solution development services, you can leverage many benefits:

Why choose Augmented Reality (AR) development service of Inextrix Technologies?

One stop solution for all AR solution needs

Trusted solution

Use of proven development models and methodologies

Highly skilled AR developers

Focus on quality assured solution delivery

Delivery within a stipulated time

Competitive rates

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