Conferencing Solution

Communication with various business entities is an indispensable aspect of any business. The modern business world has crossed the geographical boundaries and your team need to collaborate with different customers, prospects, vendors as well as team members working from different nooks and corners of the world. To keep your business communication ongoing, you need a reliable collaboration platform so the business conversations can be taken care of in real time, regardless of time and location. We have developed a robust conferencing solution with never seen before features to empower the communication and collaboration needs of your business. This solution is designed and developed for corporate to meet their conferencing needs. This conferencing solution is accessible with a web-based app, so your team members don’t need to carry the system or install any software to participate in the conference. Furthermore, this voice conferencing solution allows your participants to join a conference via their telephone or mobile phone. It is a perfect online conferencing solution that can be used to overcome various roadblocks blocking their way to invariable communication and collaboration.

Key Utilities Of Conferencing Solution

You can use this online voice conferencing platform for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to:

Product Demo

Business meeting

Public conference

Private business conference

Marketing Conference

And more

Key Benefits Of Conferencing Solution

Easy to use

Remote access

Boost team collaboration

Provide quick answers to clients and prospects

Simplify meeting experience

Reduce cost on meetings

No hardware or software needed

Quick communication

Save time and resources

Contribute to the green environment

And more

Key Features Of Conferencing Software

Web based user panel

Easy to use and manage

Remote access

Admin management

Customer management

Participant management

Conference management

Contact Management (Import / Export Facility)

Contact verification with an OTP

Schedule conference

Reschedule conference

Email and SMS invite for participants

Email and SMS templates

Conference reminder and alert


SMTP support

SMS API integration

Multicurrency support

Time zone support

Conference recording

Audio file management

Caller ID

Conference features

  • Pin based entry
  • Pin less entry
  • Music on Hold
  • Maximum participant limit
  • Name announcement
  • Re-call participants that
  • Dropped the call
  • Couldn’t contacted
  • Didn’t accept the conference invite
  • Mute / Unmute participants
  • Remove participant(s)
  • Hang up
  • Close conference on admin exit

SIP trunk management

Carrier management

Least cost routing


  • Real time billing
  • Free destination package management
  • Tax management
  • Payment receipt management
  • Invoice management

Extensive Reports

And more

Why Choose Our Conferencing Solution?

Secure conferences

Scalable and Reliable

Integral Billing support

Build specifically to meet corporate conference needs

Easy to use and manage

Competitive rates

Our voice conferencing system has an integrated billing module, so you can use it to provide conferencing services to your customers.

We offer affordable conferencing services to our customers all across the globe and you can take abundant benefits by subscribing to our services. Alternatively, you can buy this conference software at competitive rates to use it to conduct internal conferences or run a business as a conferencing service provider.

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