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Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing Solution

Fastest growing companies strive to adopt technologies that help them maximize time usage to increase productivity and fast forward the business growth. Video conferencing solution is one of the technological boons that help companies leverage multiple benefits.
We have developed a feature-rich and advanced video conferencing solution that can meet all needs of remote communication with HD quality video and crystal clear audio. Any small and medium scale business or large scale enterprise can use this software for one to one and one to many video conferences. From routine team meetings to exclusive client meetings, a business can take advantage of remote communication with an experience of physical meetings for any kind of meeting or conference with this software.

White labeling

We offer a white label video conferencing solution to businesses that want to take advantage of a branded video conferencing solution. We will provide white label software with your brand elements.

Integrate any solution

Our video conferencing solution is highly compatible with multiple third party and open source solutions. It means any third party application or software can be integrated into this video conferencing solution to take advantage of a holistic solution.

Key Benefits Of Video Conferencing Solution

Web based app for conferencing

No added hardware needed

Easy to use and manage

High compatibility

Benefits of white labeling

Save time

Increase productivity

And many more

No software download needed

Affordable rates

Highly secure

Easy scalability

Reduce expenses

Empower collaboration

High quality conference with normal Mic and Webcam of phone or laptop

Key Features Of Video Conferencing Software


Audio conferencing

Video conferencing

Public chat during the conference

Private chat during the conference

Save chat

Clear chat history

Conference canvas to draw or write during a conference

Shared notes

Mute all participants

Upload a presentation

Upload a PDF

Support keyboard shortcuts

Full screen conference

And more


Update profile

Change status of availability

Raise hand and other reactions

Give presentation

Share screen

Receive conference recording, chat, shared notes

And more


Transfer or share moderation rights to another participant

Transfer presentation control to a participant

Remove participant from the conference

Enable / Disable:

Lock webcam sharing for participants

Lock microphone of participants

Share external video in the conference

Edit shared notes

View webcams of participants

View other viewers in the user list

Send conference recording via email

Download conference recording

Download audio clips

Download chat

Download shared notes

And more

There are many advantages of using our video conferencing solution from quick to start to easy to
scale, future enhancement, business centric, and more.​
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