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Cloud Based Call Center Solutions

Enhance your sales and customer engagement teams with our robust Hosted Call Center Solution,

featuring integrated inbound, outbound, and blended calling mechanisms.

A single platform to proficiently manage the complete buyer’s cycle, streamline operations and optimize the workforce to double the success and growth rate.

With the shifting focus to client centric operations, the essentiality of a feature packed call center solution has been increasing. The elevating competition also enforces businesses to focus on increased customer retention and constant new onboarding of clients. Our technology driven and feature packed contact center software contributes to the growth of businesses by optimizing operations with automation, artificial intelligence, and other trending tools encompassed in a single platform. It gives the required details and features to the agents to clutch the conversation with context driven information and lead the call to a favorable conclusion. 

Call Center Solution

Cloud Based Call Center Solution Providers Company

We have been working in the call center industry for decades and have invested in scrupulous research of the industry, business goals, customer demands, trending technologies, and more. We build the most powerful contact center software by taking advantage of our conscientious research and experience. It streamlines and optimizes business processes. It supports the tenant model and has omnichannel customer support capabilities to cater to customers across all touch points. We have designed the most intuitive user experience and user interface of this call center software to elevate the experience of agents. We acknowledge the importance of agent experience to augment performance and productivity at the core. 

Our team of call center software developers has proficiency in customizing the existing features. Using this potential of our experts, we have empowered several businesses and enterprises with a tailored call center solution. We are entitled as the top call center solution provider company for our innovative approach and dexterity in unleashing the power of technology. We have built the most comprehensive contact center software that is empowered with integrated solutions. It provides access to features of call center billing, CRM, PBX, etc. within the software to empower agents to have guided calls with more control. The admin and supervisors can empower agents with their experience in real time with our live monitoring features and insightful reports. 

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Diversified Varieties of Hosted Call Center Solutions

To meet the goal oriented business needs of call centers, we have developed theme based call center solutions. 

Inbound Call Center Solution
Provide context driven responses to clients and enhance customer engagement with inbound contact center software.

Outbound Call Center Solution
Rapidly increase the results of any outbound campaigns with automation and seize more deals with the outbound contact center software.

Blende Call Center Solution
Extend the capabilities of agents and maximize resource utilization by managing the call volume efficiently with blended contact center software.

Omni Channel Call Center Solution
Deliver customer services and reach potential leads on their favorite communication channels with omnichannel contact center software.

Exceptional Features for Outstanding Businesses

Our contact center solutions are built with standard and futuristic features that redefine the business success rate. 


A unified agent view with automated call distribution and other inbound campaign empowerment features increases first call resolution, customer satisfaction rate, net promoter score, and other KPIs. 


Impress more prospects and lock more deals with automation and actionable features that help you reach prospective clients when they are likely to make a purchase. Identify the opportunities to engage and sell effortlessly. 


A unified view of the agents and more agent specific features provide the much needed support to harness the real capacity of the software and self. We have developed the most agent friendly call center solution in the world. 


Lead the conversation and make it effective with the most painstakingly developed features of this call center solution. Our contact center software provides an extensive range of call control features and CTI integration for better command. 


Be the brand that customers love to continue with and prospects desire to associate with by making your process screening more effective and effortless. Our meticulous supervisory features aid in augmenting the quality of service and quality of calls. 


Stop assuming and start taking concrete actions that lead to fruitful results using the rich data set your business has. Our best call center software will extract data and represent them as the key performance indicators to help you make reliable actions. 

A comprehensive contact center solution with value added elements

Manage campaigns, teams, and other associates in a call center with a GUI based solution that gives close administration capabilities:


Make the most out of existing resources by taking advantage of call center automation technology incorporated into the call center software. 


Augment the power of your call center system that is empowered with third party integrations to avail the missing yet vital features and communication channels.
An Ideal Contact Center Solution with Tenant Support

Rule your own niche or empower small call centers to generate revenue with tenant based call center software. 

Single Tenant Call Center Solution

Take a lead in your niche with competitive features incorporated into the best call center software. Deliver jaw dropping customer experience, improve conversation rate, increase sales rate, and leverage other advantages by optimizing business processes using our top rated call center software. Keep track of all agents, customers, calls, and other entities and administer the operations with utmost efficiency. 

Single Tanent
Multi Tanent
Multi Tenant Call Center Solution

Stop dreaming and start earning with the most powerful multi tenant call center software. The most scalable multi tenant call center system with integrated billing to run your own business with any of the preferred modes from SaaS, PaaS, or UCaaS. The omnichannel communication, signup APIs, and several never seen before features make it one of the most competitive multi tenant contact center solutions. 

Top Reasons to Choose

Call Center Solution

We can also transform your dream call center software idea into reality with our custom development services. 


All commonly asked questions related to the call center solution are answered by our adroit team for you. 

It is an extensive communication solution that is developed to manage diverse types of customer interactions across unified channels within a single platform. It supports the effective management of multiple calls in parallel within a single system. It also provides efficient team management and real time monitoring to improve performance and output. Modern contact center solutions have several applications to fulfill business goals.  

Yes, it is an enterprise grade solution that supports crystal clear voice and other unified communication channels. Its automation features help in catering to clients even with limited manpower. It has an array of enterprise features. Moreover, we support extended feature addition based on your custom needs. 

There are several advantages of using our call center solution like increasing customer engagement, improving call connect rate, enhancing first contact resolution, more controlled conversations, and more. If you use a multi tenant call center solution, you can also take advantage of generating revenue. 

We have the most flexible and robust contact center software. It supports different types of hosting and architecture models. Along with single server or shared servers, it can also be hosted on the cloud space and furnish you with the cloud based call center solution. 

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