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At iNextrix we emphasis on the development, implementation and design of all popular open source VoIP applications.We are currently listed top and trusted VoIP solution providers.

Web design and development has been the key of our business undertakings since the beginning. We consider that websites must produce benefit for your business.

Mobile Apps development is the methodology of designing software for mobile equipment such as personal digital assistants or enterprise digital assistants.

Graphic design is the process of visual communication, and problem-solving through the use of type, space, image and color.The field is considered a subset of visual communication.

Do you want to expand the scope of your online business? If you’re serious regarding reaching dead set additional customers through the online, you can not ignore the importance.

It’s not enough to just code and develop web and VoIP based application, but also important to host them on a secure and well maintained server.

02 Sep: High Availability Solutions and Its Vitality

First of all, let’s understand the concept of High Availability (HA) solutions. The HA solution is actually a way of setting up your network and system for any of the unified communication or VoIP software. It can be an intelligent call center software solution or a live call monitoring system. The experienced engineers provision your VoIP solution in a way that it can be up and running all the time…

Live Call Monitoring Solution Is Vital for SMBs
01 Jul: Why Live Call Monitoring Solution Is Vital for SMBs?

Small businesses, aka SMBs, deal with a lot many things. They thrive to invest in better resources, but usually, have to limit themselves because of the lack of enough funds. Does it mean a small business owner should rely only on manual resources? Not really; as if he does it, he is more likely to stay stuck in a position and could never pace up with the competition. Thus, it…

VoIP PBX iNextrix Technologies
15 Sep: VoIP PBXs


PBX is referring to Private Branch eXchange. In today’s era, PBX is an essential need of any corporate identity. At iNextrix, we are providing PBX systems in form of software.

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HABIB UN NABI HILLOL iNextrix Technologies
Habib Un Nabi Hillol

iNextrix is having professional attitude towards their expertise. Specially Samir Doshi is a strong developer and his capability of translating layman language towards logical algorithm is uncommon. I would like to express my gratitude and happy to be partner of iNextrix and the team.

CLEMENT BERNARD iNextrix Technologies
Clement Bernard

“Great to work with. Excellent team. Very reasonably priced. Project completed to my specifications. Would work with them again in a heart beat.”First Nations Management System (FNMS)

MEHDI JEMOUI iNextrix Technologies
Mehdi Jemoui

“Great work! Very attentive and great communication! “

VITORIA SOUZA iNextrix Technologies
Vitoria Souza

It has been a pleasure working with Team Inextrix. They have been the service provider of choice for all our software development projects. Their team is technically capable and genuinely interested in helping clients improve their solutions and business. Highly recommended!

SAMY ASHOUR iNextrix Technologies
Samy Ashour

Prompt and professional attitude towards the execution of the project. We would wish to work with you again. We were happy to receive the good quality output within the time limit.

Testimonial Client iNextrix
Cora Sauer

Nice people to work with, good job done by Inextrix Team. They know what they doing. Keep it up.

Yakov Nissen

I have been working with Inextrix, for years. I will continue to do so, due to the very professional support I receive. I would recommend Inextrix for anyone seeking knowledgeable IT professionals, and requiring the very best in support. You will not be disappointed!

Testimonial Client iNextrix
Eli Hertz
MegaHertz Communications

The team of developers at iNextrix are all highly skilled and talented professionals. You can expect good quality design/programming work, attention to detail with fast turnaround times. I highly recommend iNextrix for your next development project.

Joel Moss
C2A Australia

I’d like to say that these guys did exceptional !! Samir and his team seemed to work tirelessly to customize app to my need, they integrated exactly to my requirements with the system i use. They proved to be good value for money and made sure all bugs were ironed out during the process. I will continue to work with these guys, our professional relationship has only just begun. Thanks again guys

Albert iNextrix Technologies
Albert Montgomery

Hi, I just wanted to send you guys a quick message on how great its been working with you guys on our voip development needs, in the last 3-4 years, you have been very responsive and always care about delivering the work as much as we do. Im very impressed with the high level of talent that you guys have and am grateful that I could find such dependable voip professionals that always do what they say they will. take care -Albert

Jaco Jacobs iNextrix Technologies
Jaco Jacobs

Amazing group of guys to work with. After the quality of work I saw in the first project completed, we have decided to move all our development over to Inextrix. All work was completed on time and as expected. Would not think twice to recommend these guys.

CHARLES PHILLIPS iNextrix Technologies
Charles Phillips
LimeBox Networks LLC

The team at iNextrix really goes above and beyond. They are truly a great resource. Their quality of work and dedication to bringing projects in on time and budget is something far too scarce in this space. They are a very professional group and have exceeded our expectations every time. I look forward to our next project!

Testimonial CEO Komury iNextrix
Jet Hawk Communications

We trust in INEXTRIX and choice them because they are really professionals with know how , great development and human team. Our business is growing up and INEXTRIX team supports us with your effort and cooperation. Tools, Schedule, quick support and professionalism are reasons to work together in expansion of our business. INEXTRIX is our technological partner and We recommend them 100%.

Head of Project

Had the privilege of working iNetrix team, I would like to mention that they have team who posses great technical skills and go the extra mile to provide excellent customer support. Hoping to build a professional relationship for more project in the future.