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Class 4 Softswitch

Elevate your wholesale VoIP business with the most robust, reliable, and secure class 4 Softswitch solution

and enjoy ever growing business reach and revenue.

Get the most powerful class 4 Softswitch solution to strengthen your wholesale VoIP business to stay focused on your business and stress free from technicalities.

The VoIP traffic aggregators, wholesale VoIP providers, carriers, and similar businesses need a reliable solution to manage and administer signaling, call traffic, and other components associated with the wholesale VoIP business. The system handles a gargantuan number of calls per second, which need the right load balancing and failover system in place, too. A tailormade, feature rich, and scalable class 4 Softswitch solution can empower these businesses with automation and other outstanding functionalities. It helps businesses get their job done quickly and more efficiently.

Class 4 Softswitch Development Company

Being in the VoIP development industry has bestowed several skills and a detailed understanding of various technologies driven VoIP solutions that include class 4 Softswitch solution, too. We hold a strong understanding of technologies and build the most scalable and dependable class 4 Softswitch software. Our specialization in deploying the most prominent architecture of this wholesale VoIP Softswitch solution makes us stand apart as a class 4 Softswitch company.

From error-free call routing of massive call volume to simplified call transcoding, high quality communication services, and excellent voice quality are the key advantages of using our class 4 Softswitch software solution. Whether you are looking for a VoIP wholesale Softswitch to commence your business as a carrier or a voice aggregator or if you want to scale up your existing wholesale VoIP business with a more powerful and robust class 4 Softswitch, we can help you in all aspects with our expertise as the top class 4 Softswitch company.

Awards and Recognition

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Key Features:

We have empowered several businesses with our quality driven and highly scalable wholesale VoIP Softswitch which is furnished with modern and competitive features.

Intuitive UI
Inbound / Outbound Call Routes
Call per second
Concurrent calls
E164 Normalization (Localization)
Live System Monitoring
SIP Protocol Support
High Availability
Load balancing

Class 4 Softswitch Solution Empowers Major VoIP Businesses

We have vigilantly designed and developed the world class technology to benefit businesses with this VoIP Softswitch solution:

Wholesale Termination
Flawlessly run a privately branded wholesale VoIP business with scalable routing and rating components along with other features.

SIP Trunking
Offer exceptional quality of call and uninterruptible call services to your clients and enjoy simplified platform management with other benefits.

DID Provider
Amplify your DID number or virtual number management business with a highly secure switch that enables excellent signaling quality.

GSM Termination
Integrated GSM infrastructure to cater to local clients with exceptional quality of service delivered by a comprehensive switch.

Key Benefits

A class 4 Softswitch system that is meticulously designed to handle huge call volumes and provide more than just wholesale call routing features bestows several advantages.

Superior Quality of Calls

Swift, efficient, and smart transmission of voice and data packets ensure crystal clear quality of service and calls without any lag or choppy conversations

Diverse Rate Plans

Define as many rate plans as you want with advanced and diversified call routing rules that work as a building block of a successful business and pricing structure.

Excellent Compatibility

Transcoding helps in making the system compatible even if different termination points or carriers use different infrastructural components to provide speedy services.

Automate Billing

Don’t worry about nuisance related to billing clients based on complicated usage and routing rules as the whole process will be automated with an integrated billing system.

Always Stay Profitable

Real time billing features help in ensuring that your customers never use your service while in a negative balance. Enjoy profit making business now and forever.

Competitive Advantages

From never seen before features to brilliant security mechanism integration, custom add-on development, and more help you stay ahead of the competition.

If you would like to develop a tailormade class 4 Softswitch software with competitive features, we can help you with our experience in this product and technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

All commonly asked questions related to a wholesale Softswitch are answered by our experts for you.

It is built with competitive features and we can further add your preferred features with custom development. Some of the most admired features of this software are a hybrid call routing strategy, real time billing, fraud detection and management, and more.

With any VoIP software that is going to be used to offer services, using a VoIP billing system becomes necessary to automate the complicated and tedious job of invoicing and billing. In the case of wholesale, termination, SIP trunking, traffic aggregation, and similar businesses, it becomes vital to use the billing system as the process gets complicated. Thus, we offer an all-inclusive VoIP billing solution along with our switch. However, there is no compulsion to use it.

We are renowned as the top VoIP development company and we have expertise in all major technologies available in this industry for custom VoIP software development. By keeping the vital jobs done by the wholesale switch, we recommend the use of FreeSWITCH and OpenSIPs and we use those technologies for building this switch. However, we can also use other VoIP technology or a combination of technologies to develop the switch based on your preference or need.

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