Use the full potential of our decades of experience and proficiency in building telephony products and solutions using bleeding edge VoIP development technologies and frameworks. 

Custom VoIP Development: Build a future-proof communication platform

VoIP technologies have gifted some really powerful and robust VoIP business solutions that empower different types of enterprises and end users to communicate seamlessly and that also at competitive rates. Our expert VoIP software development company has strengthened the communication ecosystem for the best VoIP service provider in the USA and all over the globe besides several other small, medium, and large scale enterprises. Our tailored VoIP solutions and on-demand VoIP development services bridge the communication gap along with adding future-proof technology at competitive rates for global businesses across industries.  

Our proficiency in harnessing the true potential of open source VoIP solutions and platforms for the benefit of our clients is our masterstroke. Moreover, we persistently invest in innovation and growth to upgrade technology and our VoIP application development services that regard us as the top VoIP solution development company. 

Proficient VoIP Development Services

Our VoIP development company aims to align our expertise with your requirements to build the most sought-after solutions. We provide technology specific VoIP application development services that can meet your preference, budget, and vision of building next generation telephony platforms. Our expertise lies in all major open source technologies available for custom VoIP development.

FreeSWITCH is the most stable and resilient platform to support the development of VoIP business solutions that are adept at managing video calls, voice calls, data exchange, and other forms of communication to build an all-inclusive system. Moreover, FreeSWITCH can effortlessly manage high volume and sudden spikes in call traffic, which makes it the perfect platform for any best VoIP service provider.

Our expert FreeSWITCH development services are available to assist you in creating highly scalable

Durable communication and collaboration platforms that are empowered with the USPs of FreeSWITCH.

FreeSWITCH Development

Asterisk is regarded as the pioneer technology to build SIP telephony solutions. Certainly, it has several telephony applications already available in the market, which proves its competitiveness in the modern VoIP communication industry.

VoIP solution development company

Assisting businesses in harnessing the potential of Asterisk to build sustainable communication businesses for revenue generation

Asterisk development services

Development services in Asterisk are tailored to help service providers and enterprises upgrade their existing Asterisk solutions with modern communication features, more stable performance, and exceptional quality

Asterisk Development

A single VoIP technology is capable of building a wide variety of solutions, including, but not limited to, a SIP proxy, SIP server, redirect server, application server, gateway, registrar, VoIP switch, router, load balancer, and multiple other important applications

Our development services can assist your business in the voyage of building a steadfast and robust tool with custom features that can help you break through and thrive in the industry.

Our VoIP software development company has a team of experienced OpenSIPs developers who hold adroitness in building any type of custom OpenSIPs solutions.

OpenSIPs Development

Kamailio is a renowned SIP server that holds the adeptness of operating across a spectrum of environments, ranging from compact embedded systems with restricted resources to expansive platforms. Moreover, Kamailio can let you develop a whole variety of communication applications for the best VoIP service provider in the USA and worldwide. To ensure you can leverage the true advantage of this multipurpose custom VoIP development platform, you must take the help of our leading VoIP development company which possesses the required expertise in Kamailio. We take pride in building diverse Kamailio applications for our patrons across the globe. 

Kamailio Development
WebRTC is the most prominent platform to meet the requirement of building an adaptable and mobile business communication solution. It is remarkable in supporting real time communication for diverse media channels, including, voice, video, instant messaging, screen sharing, data exchange, and more. 

Personalized to develop bespoke communication solutions to manage remote calls

Video conferences, product demos

All other types of business or peer-to-peer communication

With our custom services, build a robust, scalable, and feature-rich communication solution. 

WebRTC Development

Trusted VoIP Development Services

Our VoIP software development company is renowned for its expert services that assist providers and businesses to build comprehensive telephony platforms. Moreover, we have experience in building multipurpose and exclusive software applications popular in the VoIP telephony industry.

Class 4-5 Softswitch Solution
Class 4/5 Softswitch Solution

We provide development for developing a bespoke and robust class 4/5 Softswitch solution that completes IP telephony infrastructure and serves a larger consumer base. 

Call Center Software
Call Center Solution

We help you own a tailored inbound, outbound, or blended contact center solution to boost the performance of customer care, lead nurturing, sales, and similar campaigns. 

IP PBX Solution
IP PBX Solution

Let us help you develop a reliable platform to enrich business communication with advanced features at cheaper rates with governed access and tenant support. 

Unified Communication Solution
Unified Communication Solution

We develop a comprehensive communication tool that supports traditional and omnichannel communication within a single platform to map your conversations universally.  

Live Call Monitoring Solution
Live Call Monitoring Solution

Take control of the Quality of Calls (QoC) and Quality of Service (QoS) with an effective tool that monitors ongoing, ringing, and conference calls in real time. 

SIP Dialer Solution
SIP Dialer Solution

We have expertise in developing white label and customizable Softphone apps for desktops and smartphones, which bestow the advantage of SIP calling and other features. 

Are you in search of a reliable and long term partner for custom VoIP development?

We are here at your disposal with years of experience in building tailored VoIP software applications that are high performing and cost effective. Let’s initiate this partnership. 

VoIP Consultation Services

The VoIP industry is gigantic and crowded with numerous jargons that can leave you extremely confused. Additionally, resources shared by different VoIP software development companies, independent developers, communities, and other sources provide a multitude of choices while thinking about building an app. Therefore, you may find enormous options for the development of VoIP business solutions, hosting them, and managing other relevant technicalities. To ensure you get through this process seamlessly and put the best foot forward, you need to have complete know-how of this industry, different technologies, upcoming trends, existing roadblocks, and several other driving factors.  Fret not. 

We are a leading VoIP solution development company with a team of immensely experienced and gifted developers, designers, and technical experts. We provide VoIP consulting services to help you through different stages of app development in this industry to hit the bull’s eye of performance, scalability, and reliability. From scope development to roadmap design, technology selection, effective role delegation, marketing approach definition, high performance architecture design, and multiple other segments are covered in our VoIP consultation services to ensure you get the much needed expert advice from a single space. We will help you define success with our proficiency. 


Our Expertise = Your Business Success

An Experienced Team Available Round The Clock

Round the clock availability of highly experienced resources

Professional Approach To Help You Maximize Resource Utilization

Attitude to help you maximize resource utilization and valuation

Proven Track Record Of Developing The Best In The Industry VoIP Products

Demonstrated expertise by building out of the box VoIP solutions

Out Of The Box Thinking To Help You Gain Competitive Advantages

Strategic thinking and innovative approach

Experience Of Thriving Products To Capture Much Deserving Success

Complete product development and marketing experience to help you prosper

Expertise In Enhancing And Migrating Legacy Systems To The Modern Ones

Proficiency in system migration to bring seamless digital transformation

Custom VoIP Application Development Services for Next Gen Businesses

We are here with our versatility and proven expertise for building simple to intricate VoIP telephony platforms for service providers, network operators, enterprises, and consultants.  

Why Choose Us?

Top reasons to choose us for VoIP development services or consultation that drive success to your business. 

Timely Delivery

We follow the best practices and standardization to ensure on-time delivery of your custom VoIP development projects, which ensures reduced time to market.

  • Excellent management
  • Skilled team
  • Best performance
End-to-end Solutions

We provide a full cycle service to ensure that all types of demands and needs related to VoIP solutions are fulfilled at our VoIP solution development company.

  • Software development
  • Module development
  • Customization and integration
100% Client Satisfaction

Skilled developers and empathetic business team ensure swift transitions throughout the project lifecycle to ensure you receive hassle-free experience and deliverables.

  • Client first approach
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Open discussions

What Our Client Say

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"We were looking for a reliable IP PBX solution as our conventional system had a lot of limitations. I’m happy with the solution and service provided by Inextrix. They gave us scalable IP PBX software and also integrated our CRM system and automated billing solution. This system increased productivity and ROI significantly."

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Naman Tahir

Vice President, 8com inc

" Amazing group of guys to work with. After the quality of work I saw in the first project completed, we have decided to move all our development over to Inextrix. All work was completed on time and as expected. Would not think twice to recommend these guys."

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Jaco Jacobs


" Hi, I just wanted to send you guys a quick message on how great its been working with you guys on our voip development needs, in the last 3-4 years, you have been very responsive and always care about delivering the work as much as we do. Im very impressed with the high level of talent that you guys have and am grateful that I could find such dependable voip professionals that always do what they say they will. take care -Albert"

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Albert Montgomery


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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide both VoIP solutions and VoIP development. We are a leading VoIP custom software development company and we have specialization in all VoIP solutions, technologies, and open source platforms. Our VoIP developers can meet all your needs related to building the best telephony solutions. We can also customize your existing VoIP and telephony solutions.

Yes, we have experience in developing simple to smart unified communication solutions. We can develop SaaS (Software as a Service), UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service), CCaaS (Contact

Center as a Service), and Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS). Only solutions that we build with custom VoIP development will provide you with 100% white labeling. We also provide white label services for open source VoIP platforms. Our telephony solutions can also be white labeled to meet the custom needs of our clients like you.

Yes, we have experience in developing hybrid solutions with different VoIP development technologies. We can develop a hybrid Softswitch solution using OpenSIPs or FreeSWITCH to give you the best scalability and for the WebRTC web phone, our WebRTC developers with build a tailored solution for you. We can also develop a hybrid Softswitch in Asterisk if you prefer to develop it on that platform. In a nutshell, any custom needs of building a robust, scalable, and secure telephony solution will be satisfied with our best VoIP development company.

Both, VoIP development and a white label telephony solution have their own cost, as well as, pros and cons. Depending on your business and future vision, one of the options can be the best fit for you. We can help you define the most profitable option with our free consultation service. Contact us for more details.